Funny but heart touching Birthday wishes from Daughter

It is so true that when the going gets tough, the daughter gets going, to the mother of course. Happy Birthday, mommy!

The world would be so cool if moms would ignore their daughters talking to their crush. After all, every girl is born with intuition to keep the creeps away.

Dear Mom! You may turned one year older today but you can always stay young, by lying through your teeth. A very happy birthday.

For tonight, your daughter is going to buy the best gift for you, ofcourse with money from your purse. Happy Birthday!

I got all the good looks from my mom and the wisdom from my Dad. I wonder what would have happened if things would have come from vice-versa.

Thanks to my hot mom for giving me even hotter looks.

Hey Mom! You may have popped a few of us but you are still a head turner.

Hilarious (but deep) birthday Quotes From son

Every Son needs a mom to teach him about getting women. May all mums be like mine.

Its the day when Mommy can gorge on food like dad who gorges like a pig.

May the Lord bless Google and Facebook for giving us creative funny wishes for our mother.

Its easy for a guy to hide his relationship aspect from all, except from his mother; a person with in-born detection.

Mothers like you will always shine wherever they go but to me you are the bright sun who illuminates my life with love, happiness and prosperity and with constructive criticism too. Happy Birthday Mom from your handsome son.

The best feeling in the world when your mommy makes everyone turn their heads in street. So proud to have a gorgeous mother. Happy Birthday dear!

Hilarious Poems for Mom’s Birthday