Hey Mother! It has been awesome thing to be your lovely child and I hope every kid gets a mother like you in this world. You are a pure angel and every sacrifice of your’s will never ever be forgotten. Thank you for all the love. May it continues forever. A very happy birthday to you!

Hey mother! We may have grown ups but your job of pampering us will never be over. We yearn for those sweet touches, hugs and support of yours. I hope you achieve all your remaining accomplishments of life. Stay happy, stay blessed. Happy Birthday!

When I will have my own children, I would want to emulate motherhood like you have. Your umbrella of love, care and guidance has done wonders for us and I am just grateful to have you. May you be my mother in all the lifetimes too. Happy Birthday dear!

You are undeniably the string of our family who holds everyone of us. You have infused amazing ethics, moralities and altruistic values. I wish my accomplishments will rise up to your expectations one day. Happy Birthday!

I really wonder who should I thank more? The god who created my mother or my mother who brought me into this beautiful world. I feel both of them have been more than grateful for me. Happy Birthday to an awesome mother! May you live well past your 150.

We don’t have to see heaven. The heaven lies here in this life, in this world owing to a beautiful, sensitive and caring mother like ours.

A good child is only as good as the mother. You may have been strict mother, but we know that you did for our better and we couldn’t be more thankful to you for that. Whatever success we enjoy today, it can be attributed to your disciplined yet loving upbringing. You are awesome mother. Lots of love and happy birthday!

It is very true that a mother does not need a verbal force. Her heart can easily sense the well-being of her children and family. The world would be a paradise if there were more mothers like you. Happy Birthday Mommy! We love you with every fiber of our being,

We might not be the best children but you are certainly the best mother that any child could have. We adore you mother. You are simply awesome. I wish you be my mother for eternity. God bless you sweetheart. Love you! Happy Birthday!

Some things are well beyond our luck and control. This is why the Almighty has given us a mother whose blessings always traverse the space and time for her children. May all your dreams and heartfelt desires be achieved dear mother. A very happy birthday!

Grateful Happy Birthday messages to write on Card for Mom

Dear Mother! You have no idea how well you have nurtured us into a fantastic, well rounded and awesome identities. We are the by product of your love and guidance and I wish you always be our mother for eternity. May you live happily, heartily forever with a cheerful smile.

The best thing a mother can do is to let their children develop their own sense of identity, worth and forge a path in their life. Thank you mother for giving us all the freedom in the world to pursue our vision. You are the paramount pillar of our success. I wish you lots of happy birthday wishes. Hugs and kisses too.

We must have done some awesome deeds in our life that the Almighty bestowed us with a mother like you. On this birthday, we wish you a whole lot of awesomeness, cheerfulness and longevity for you. You are the epitome of a perfect mommy.

Sometimes in our life, we don’t get what we deserve; we get more than that. And for us, you are that gift my dear mother. You are the best individual who have drawn the best out of us. We wish you a hearty birthday. The birthday is going to be awesome tonight for an awesome mother.

From Daughter

The best friend that any daughter could ever ask for is her own mother. I am so glad to share my heart out with you mommy. You have all the emotional and physical attributes of beautiful woman from inside out. God certainly took a lot of time when he made you my dear! A very happy birthday to you from your lovely daughter.

There were times when nothing could have catapulted me from the obstacles of life, except you, And your aura and guidance did brought me into peace, serenity and tranquility. May every girl gets a mother like you. Happy Birthday dear mommy!

If I am a strong woman today, it is because of the upbringing of my lovely mother. She is the epitome of a strong, beautiful and courageous woman. The world would be so amazing if there were more women like her. Happy birthday dear mom!

I wish to be the little, cute and happy girl who just came out of your womb. I wish to be caressed, pampered and smothered with your kisses just like the baby girl. May you be my mother in every lifetime dear. God bless you and happy birthday!

Hey mommy! We have disagreements and arguments sometimes but nothing in this world can apart the intangible strings of love between our hearts. You have given me everything you could have and I absolutely wish to make you proud. A very happy birthday to you dear!