The Medical field is one of the most most noblest of professions where so many people get benefited to live a normal, happy, healthy and vivacious life. It is the duty of people to pay gratitude to such medical professionals and also to the students who are gearing to enter in this field which serves humanity. So if your family member, friend, relative or acquaintance is preparing himself / herself for the medical field, then you can inspire them with special birthday wishes. And this post is a sincere attempt in that regard.

Happy Birthday to you dear! May you treat a lot of patients and serve valuable service to humanity.

There is no more satisfying work in the world that allows you to see the happy faces of the patient once you have helped them. Wishing you a classy happy birthday dear. All the best for your professional practice.

Patients would be so happy to get treated with you.
Because they won’t have to spend a lot on you!
Your charm, good looks, and kind nature is therapeutic
I am happy that this noble field is being pursued by you!
Happy Birthday to an upcoming genius!

On this great day, may you heart rate remains normal and excited at the same time. May your adrenaline and immune response be high together at the same time too. May you enjoy a flood of dopamine and serotonin and have a blast today and tonight! A very happy birthday to you dear!

If someone could have told me earlier about the natural sources and way of achieving dopamine and serotonin, then I would certainly have entered this profession. Happy Birthday to you dear!

The world needs more humane people like you and what better way to help them than your professional. I hope more and more humane people join this profession so that the world becomes a better, cooperative, and peaceful place.

Many times, we do not pay enough gratitude to our medical people until we need their services, skills, and expertise in dire situations. So dear, never ever be discouraged if some people do not pay you respect, motivation, and gratitude because of their limited wisdom. Happy Birthday to you!

Funny Wishes of Birthday for medical student

Funny medical student birthday Image Wish

Important message for the upcoming harmful viruses and bacteria, beware of our guy. He/she is going to treat you with no mercy and you will not be able to thrive in his patients. Hahaha!!! Congrats our champ for turning a year older dear. A very happy birthday to you!

We know that you are itching to treat a lot of patients and also to fill your purse. Don’t worry, all your wishes will come soon dear. Happy Birthday to you!

I am sure that despite the hard work and demanding nature of your profession, your facial muscles would always be tight and elastic to help you smile as always like your usual self. May your skin retains its happy glow forever. Happy Birthday to you

A good doctor is the one who makes her patients feel well, comfortable, and relaxed with his / her good looks, charm, and charisma and I know that many patients of yours will get benefited instantly by meeting you. A very happy birthday.

Doesn’t it tickle when a beautiful woman comes by your office and ask for your help? That’s what you will get to do once you become a professional in your field. So keep studying and become really good one in your field. Happy Birthday!