The epitome of altruism, kindness, hard working and charming individual is difficult to find, until one meets you!

May you be happy, prosperous and healthy for the next 1000 years. Happy Birthday and lots of Love!

You are a breathe of fresh air and your exuberance and charisma is truly mesmerizing. Happy Birthday!

You are certainly one of my favorite people on this planet. I wish we could have met earlier. Happy Birthday!

One day I will have kids, and I would want them to grow like you. That’s how much I respect and adore you!

God took a lot of time when he was creating you. May there be more like you soon!

Life has only gained momentum in happiness ever since you have come into my life.

One individual like you is more worthwhile than 1000s acquaintances in my life. May you stay like this forever!

May God give you amazing health and laughter for life. Love you to the moon and back!

People like you needs to multiply in this world at a very fast rate. Happy Birthday to an awesome individual.

I wish more people be like you, from one can borrow money and never worry about returning it!

No need to feel overwhelmed because of too many gifts. I am available for you to share with me.

There in immense joy in covering destination rather than reaching at the destination. Stay calm, stay focussed!

Our friendship has been a roller coaster ride and may there be plenty of happiness in our kitty of life. Happy Birthday dear!

You have come a long way and you have yet to go a long way. Happy Birthday dear friend! God bless you!

People may not admire you on face but trust me that you are going to achieve humongous success. Stay Focused

Always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! I pray for your success! Happy Birthday!

There may be many disagreements and fights between us but my love, respect will always be with you! Love you dear!

Usually, its the marathon in life that brings us to success than the sprint. May you keep moving. Happy Birthday!

May the divine propels you to work hard for success that your heart yearns so badly!


It is funny but God certainly was on high when he was making you! Don’t worry I share no different fate either! 😀 😀

Take rest so that you could blow off all the candles this time in one go.

The best fountain of youth lies inside our mouth. May you use it to always stay young, like I do!

You may be well past the teenage but today you can live like that!

I imagine all the happiness for you today along and the awesome wine and dine for us today! Hahah!

All your goals have been accomplished in dream.. I am waiting for their manifestation in real world.

Its nice to have people in life who are unforgettable, like I am to you! HBD by the way!

I was so longing to give you a nice birthday wish with a birthday gift, and invoice of course! Enjoy the birthday!

I have found the best birthday wish and they are available from Google. Copy pasting to you on this special occasion. 😀

You are the perfect example of wisdom spiraling down with growing age. A thing you learnt from me 😀 Kidding!

Today is the day, when you can gorge on food like pig and nobody will say a thing!

The choice of people you befriended in life is amazing, like you befriended me!


Wealth is important but the most meaningful things in life will always be intangible like love, respect and kindness.

No matter how hard the journey is, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

A man who can abstain from pleasures and entertainment for a while can certainly climb to success more quickly.

Thorns and obstacles may slow down a persistent man but will never be able to get throw him off the course of his goal!

Its only a co-incidence that life bought two amazing souls towards each other. Like you and me!

It is only an immense polishing that allows a diamond to spread its shine in the world.

Success lies in picking up ourselves after every failure.

We may be far but our heart will always be tied with invisible threads of love and respect.

If there is a way to deal with complexity, it certainly lies inside you!

You are more priceless than all the wealth and success I will ever accumulate.

Perfect opportunities in life comes to perfect people with immense hard work.