Teachers are those who not only educate us but also guide us with their wisdom and knowledge. And when it comes to Maths teachers, they give you a strong liking for numbers. If today there are many chartered accounts and economists in the world, it’s very likely that they got motivated by their maths teacher. And therefore, having a great maths teacher is crucial in life. If today is the birthday of your Maths Sir or Mam, then you can give him or her nice birthday wishes. We have prepared them here and you will find tons of funny messages for them also. You will also get Images here also.


Dear Sir! You were born to teach mathematics. May the equation of your life be always balanced. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for changing the angles of my perception. It has surely made my awareness a lot better.

The sinusodial waves of my life has definitely become vibrant because you are my maths teacher. Thank you for everything.

The length and breadth of my awareness has resulted in a massive volume of confidence, knowledge and happiness. I will always be grateful for such a mathematics teacher like you.

Maths was never an easy subject, at least for me. But your style of teaching and funny examples got me motivated. I wish I had you earlier too as my Maths teacher. The world would fall in love with mathematics if there would be more teachers like you Sir / Mam. A very happy birthday to you.

Its the day when a creative mind came onto this earth. Dear Mam! You may not be a billionaire by any means but you have given all your students, a billion reasons to smile and love mathematics. Cheers to your teaching style and a very happy birthday.

After studying a lot of Maths, I always wondered that why obtune angles are depressed. Because apparently, they are never right. Happy Birthday to our Maths Sir.

Our wonderful Maths teacher has taught us an invaluable lesson in life, which is to add more happy people in life and subtract the ones who devalue us. Multiply happiness of each other and divide the sorrows of our friends and family member. You are awesome our dear teacher. Happy Birthday to you!

May the wisdom of my life be so attuned that I could calculate the value of y people from the value of x people. May this birthday brings you the integral sum of all the wishes, blessings and love of people for whom you are not only a teacher but also a mentor and friend. A very happy birthday to you.

I always used to ran away from my Maths homework but ever since you have come on board as our teacher, my interest levels have skyrocketed in the subject. Thank you Sir/ Mam. You really are a great Maths teacher. Many many happy returns of the day to you. I wish all the students in the world get a Maths teacher like you.

Dear Sir! It is my strong assumption that you were probably a mathematics genius in your previous life and therefore, you are continuing your quest on this subject in this life also. On your wonderful birthday today, I wish you immense wishes of health and happiness. May every single person on this earth be clear and transparent like your equation solving style.😂

Funny Birthday Wishes For your Maths teacher


Seeing you teach mathematics, my parents now wish that they too had a maths teacher like you.

After studying Maths, I have now understood that if my dad has 50$ and my mom has 50$, then she eventually possess 100$ and my dad, 0 $.😂 Thank you our dear Teacher for this valuable Maths lesson. A very happy birthday to you

Thank you for providing me with a new addiction in life i.e. solving mathematical equations.

Dear Mam! From head to toe, you were built by the Almighty with precise mathematical laws. May you stay beautiful and gorgeous forever.

The world would come to a halt if the subject of Mathematics would take an absence. Happy Birthday to all the math lovers around the world.

On this wonderful occasion of your birthday, I would like to ask you a simple but funny question, the answer of which you may not know😂, even though you are a great Maths teacher, and i.e. why do plants hate maths? Think, think! Well, it is because it gives them square roots.

If I ever want a roller coaster ride, I will not go to Disney Park. Instead, I can read sine waves and cos waves, draw their roller coaster diagrams and feel awesome. What you say sir? A very happy birthday to you.

If our Maths teacher would have been a triangle, he / she would certainly be an a cute one. Happy Birthday to our Sir / Mam.

I used to be the student for whom maths was like watching the foreign movie, that too without subtitles. Luckily a teacher like you came and now I enjoy Maths like my native language. Needless to say, but lot of thank you for this to our wonderful maths teacher. Happy Birthday to you. May your life extends to infinity.

Sir, It is my firm belief that your dear mom sang you mathematic lullabies while you were in her womb. I am thankful to dear aunty for bringing such a genius, hard-working person into this world. Not only the maths teacher, but I wish all the teachers in the world become like you.

While solving Maths problem in exams, it is not important to only give the correct answer but also to use the exact method which your teacher has taught you. Right Sir? Mam ? 🤣. Lots of wishes of birthday to you and your family.

Hilarious but Inspiring Maths Teacher Birthday Wishes

Just like solving equations with a minimal no. of steps, I have now become used to saying most of the things with a minimal no. of words and actions. Thanks for teaching that valuable lesson of life indirectly my dear Maths teacher. You are one hell of an awesome person. Loads of birthday wishes. May all your dreams come true.

I used to have sleepless nights studying calculus. Now I love those snake-like shapes of Integration and can also differentiate people of their intentions. All thanks to your way of making the Maths subject funny for us students. I wish I will keep studying maths with you. Wishing you an integral summation of Birthday wishes from all the students. 😂

You are one such rare teacher whose calm and demeanor remains constant like the assumption value of x in our math’s algebra even when the calm value of us students are always ranging from talkative to overly talkative. May the calmness remains like this forever of our wonderful Maths teacher. Mighty birthday wishes to you.