It is amazing to see our child growing. Our daughters are little of bundle of joy and no matter how old they grow, they will always be a ray of sunshine for us. Thirties are the special occasion in everyone’s lives. And if you are looking for the 30th birthday quotes for your daughter, then we have them for you.

So great to see the apple of my eye reaching her 30th birthday. No matter how old you will grow, you will always be the daddy’s princess. Happy 30th birthday!

The first three decades of your life may have been difficult, but the journey from here is only going to be amazing. Welcome to the thirties my sweet daughter!

You may reach your thirties,
You may reach your forties!
But for us,
You will always be our cutie!
Happy 30th birthday to our angelic daughter!

People with good karma and blessings from divine are bestowed with such an angelic daughter. May the creator bless you with infinite happiness and success. Enjoy the 30th birthday sweet heart!

We may be far apart, but our blessings and prayers will always travel through the space and time. We wish you insane success in all your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Brithday!

Failures should never be the reason to stop our pursuit. Whatever your dreams are, may the come to fruition. Happy 30th birthday to my lovely daughter!

With every passing year,
You are turning into a more beautiful creature!
May the 30s propel you to insane success,
Because for you, the blessings are there from the nature!
Happy 30th birthday to our sweet daughter

Sometimes I wonder how life would have turned out without my beautiful daughter! I thank the divine for giving me her. Welcome to the thirties my princess. Life is only going to get better from here!

Its wrong to say that a woman’s prime remains till her late twenties. My darling daughter is redefining beauty in her thirties and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Happy 30th birthday sweety!

Inspiring quotes on 30th Daughter birthday

Many men and women have set their path on to their desires after turning thirty. May you do the same. We are always there with you. Happy birthday!

The prominent successes in the world have come to people in their late 30s, 40s and even 60s. So don’t be dejected my dear girl if you are still making your way. The God is with you and so are our eternal blessings. Happy 30th birthday!

It is the phase of life where our well-wishers are supporters will show their true faces. May you not feel dejected if few of them do not believe in your vision. Welcome to the thirties!

Age is absolutely just a number. You may be 30 but you are propelling at an envious speed. Keep up the pace. I can only see better times for you. Happy Birthday!

A new decade is dawning upon you,
The previous two have accumulated all the wisdom for you!
May you keep pushing yourself into the unknown,
Know that all our blessings are always with you!
Happy 30th birthday dear daughter!

It takes heat and insane pressure in order to polish the untouched diamonds. May you never shy away from doing the hard work and persistence. Happy 30th birthday to a wonderful daughter!

Its nice to be in our thirties because our wisdom allows us to bear criticism and learn from our mistakes.

We may fight and disagree on many things my dear girl but our hearts will always be tied with the intangible and powerful strings of love, respect and admiration. May you always be my daughter in the next lifetimes also. Happy 30th birthday!

You are never too old to chase your dream my sweet girl. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart! Happy 30th birthday to you!

Funny 30th birthday quotes for your Daughter

To my dear unmarried daughter. Welcome to the thirties. I have seen the way you sleep with pillow and I can certainly say that your prince charming will be very lucky. Hahah!!

Doesn’t matter whether you turn into 30s or 40s, you will always be young my dear, just like your beautiful mother, by lying through the teeth of course, a skill I should learn too! Happy 30th birthday!

Dear daughter! Sometimes, we don’t need motivation quotes and stories to push ourselves. Straight kicks to our behind gets the job done. What are your great thoughts on it. Oh happy 30th birthday by the way!

In your thirty years, you have made us wrinkled, full of grey hairs and dark circles. Pretty nice accomplishments isn’t it. Haha! Kidding because your presence has given us infinite joy, exuberance and vigor. Happy 30th birthday!

This phrase does not apply to every man but men usually are dogs for the first 100 years of their life. May you be wary of them always 😀

Sometimes we may get wisdom tooth. But that doesn’t indicate anything at all unfortunately.

Seeing your lethargic attitude , I feel that me as your dad is quite younger to you, if not chronically then surely biological wise.