There is no doubt that some of the joyous moments in my life has come because of you. I hope there be plenty of such moments in our life. May this birthday greeting message of mine brings a cute smile on your face.

It brings me immense joy to greet with you a warm birthday message. May you reach the zenith of success and fulfills all your dreams.

It is absolutely true that your friendship certainly comes at a massive price. But everything is worth for that.

Its a day when we can be our unbelievably crazy and stupid like our teens. Happy Birthday to you dear!

Less has always been more, and you are one of my good friends who speak less but still convey a lot of good vibes and positivity.

Friendship like that with you certainly comes once in a while. On your birthday, I only pray the divine forges and nourishes it even more so that it stays alive for eternity.

Its such a relief to have someone rich like you, from whom one can borrow a money and never worry about returning it on time. Heheh!! Just kidding only dear!

It is amazing how evolved a relation can be between two people such that even the disagreements and banter are the source of fun. Happy Birthday dear!

One can certainly learn from even the lows of life if they have a supportive individual like you by their side. Your progressive mindset with a humble attitude drives me to be my best version daily.

We may be in our thirties but spending moments with you always give me a rush like that of twenties. May it always stays like this.

The corporate world would be so much nicer if there were more sincere, honest and egoless people like you. You make me proud with your down to earth and humble perspective towards everything.

There may be disagreements and tussle between us sometimes but your altruistic, exuberance and vigor is powerful enough to make me forgot every bit of those. May you always stay like that forever.

It is so amazing of the divine that sometimes he doesn’t bestow us what we deserve. He actually blesses us with even more. Knowing you has been amazing and the moments were even hell of a ride.

Your aura of charm and exuberance certainly has the ability to wipe out all the stresses of my life. May the Almighty bestows such friend like you to everyone.

I pity the people who are jealous of you as you are the one finest individuals that one have in their life. May you never get distracted and upset with such people in life.

It is amazing what a natural highs of life feels like and you are the one who has given plenty of it to me. I thank you from the bottom of heart for it. May there be many more highs, ecstasy and euphoria in our kitty of life.

Its so unbelievable how the presence of just one individual can cover up the jealously, hatred and anger of 100’s of other people. God blessed me with such a person like you.

My Dear! Always remember that tough times do not last at all but tough people like you do. You will emerge out of this difficult period soon too. Stay blessed, stay strong! Happy Birthday!

May you always be beaming with good health and vibrant personality. May the divine bestows you with longevity and tranquility forever.

There may not be no heroic connotation to the word persistence but its character is like that of a carbon to a steel. The more of it, the better it is. We are all with you in your pursuit of your goals and vision.

It takes a courageous individual to go after their dreams. You may be on a untrodden path but I am sure you will make a mark on your own. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Inspiring birthday greetings for All

Thank you dear for permeating my heart, mind and soul with your fervent and vibrant behavior. It is only because of people like you that people in vulnerable mindset can overcome self-doubts. Happy Birthday dear!

I am not worrying about you winning or failing because I know success is inevitably yours. If not this time, then definitely sooner. Keep the pursuit high. Success is very near to you!

It is amazing how being surrounded by honest, progressive and down to earth people can bring a transformation. Your are one of those people who allowed that for me. Happy Birthday!

It may be a formidable task to carry on the efforts without witnessing any ray of success but trust the Almighty, because honest, smart and creative work will always be rewarded heavily.

Your rainbow like vibrant personality has all the traits for overcoming obstacles. Just believe in the blessings of the divine and everything will be alright. Happy Birthday!

God only catapults those individuals out of misery who are willing to help themselves in the first place.

The admiration earned with respect and hard work is far more sweeter than the bootlicking of people who despise. And you my friend have all my respect and admiration for your achievements in life. A very happy birthday to you!