Turning 50 is usually a mixed feeling for many people. While they may be happy but the number 50 often resonates with the negative connotation. Some even consider it has the halfway point of our life. It doesn’t have to be like this. There are numerous people who have achieved a significant from nothing in their 50s. They not only have acquired riches very late in their life but have made themselves fitter, stronger and better than ever before. And this our reason to provide some inspiring 50th birthday quotes for you.

Congratulations for completing the 50 years! But the journey has only begun. The golden years of your life are awaiting you now. God bless you. Happy 50th birthday!

Our friendship has survived so many decades and I am sure we still haven’t witnessed the godly ecstasy in our lives yet.

We are glad to be living in an era where we are bombarded with the benefits of acquiring age and wisdom. So what if we are 50 now, there are plenty of activities, and accomplishments that have not gotten our time and attention. Time to focus on them. A very happy birthday!

Did anyone told you that the more age, the hotter the man becomes, at least mentally wise :D. Many congrats for turning 50.

We may have ups the downs, the highs and lows, but life is too short to hold a grudge. Let this 50th birthday dissolve all our differences. Let us forge on a new path of respect, love and admiration.

Its not the age that defies a person but the innate qualities of passionate, altruistic and willingness to learn that keeps a man alive and cheerful. Congrats for entering the 50’s now. We are onto a one hell of a ride.

Nothing is more wiser for an individual than to know the experiences from the folks like us. We can empower them to make the right decisions very soon. All thanks to being here for 50 years. Happy Birthday!

Age 50 doesn’t need to have a connotation with looking dull, old and fragile. On the contrary, the sophisticated, cool suave and wisdom look (one may or may not have :D) is the trademark for us after 50. Let the party begins tonight!

The Divine sent you here to be alive, to pursue your passion, not only in your 20s and 30s but also in your 50s, till the time you are here. We believe in you, and our wishes are with you. Happy 50th birthday!

A very happy 50th birthday to you dear! As spiritual beings, we are always entitled to the joys, exuberance and vigor from the divine and I greatly pray that you life has left the best available for you now.

The journey to success usually comes with persistence only. May you never give up from chasing your dreams and visions. May all comes to fruition which your heart sincerely desires. Happy 50th Birthday!

I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming… suddenly you find – at the age of 50, say – that a whole new life has opened before you” Quote by Agatha Christie

For Man 50th birthday – Inspirational Quotes

Nothing is a big turn on for a man than to have lazer focus on his passions and dreams after the age of 50. Some of the incredible success in the world came to the hardened men who did not let their age become the obstacle in the path of their desire.

Age is truly a number and the 50 years on our side is actually our blessing. I am sure that you have still not reached the half innings of your life. Life awaits more glory and joy for you. Happy 50th birthday to you dear!

Its the years of your life where you have amassed enough wisdom and experience and therefore only the best of life is waiting for you now. A very 50th birthday!

The best thing in life is to go after things that people always consider out of our league and luck. Congratulations for turning 50. May the age do not deter you away from wanting things in your life.

Motivating quotesFor Woman 50th Birthday

We will not need more fictional characters and comics in the world. We need more sheroes like you. You may have turned 50 but your enthusiasm can give a run of money to even the 20s folks. A very 50th birthday to you!

You are like the tigress who is only becoming stronger and active with every passing year. I wish you all the success in your personal and professional endeavors.

Despite turning 50, your charm, aura and I dare say, your beauty has not fizzled out. On the contrary, you look to be gaining steam on them. Feel so happy for you dear. Happy 50th birthday to a gorgeous woman.

Who says that health has to decline after our 50 years of life ?? There are plenty of women who are not only living beyond the 50s, but thriving too. Keep your joy and exuberance alive. Happy 50th birthday to you!

There are so much inspiration for us woman by seeing you. Your beauty, charm and charisma is top notch despite being on this planet for fifty years. You are the woman every man, every parent, every friend desires. A very happy 50th birthday!

It is a myth that a woman in her 50s cannot look sultry, desirable and attractive. Seeing you, I can only say that you are going to give a run for the money to the young ladies. Keep going!