Inspiring words from Mom and Dad are the greatest source of motivation for a Son. And no occasion could be better than to wish him a nice motivational wish on his birthday. But coming up with befitting messages that inspires and nourishes the soul is difficult, especially when special words are needed for your son’s special birthday. And this is why we have come up with this post. Here you will find plenty of such messages and Quotes for your son. These are written from the perspective of both mother and father. Do share it with your birthday Boy.

Dear Son! The greatest pleasure in life is to overcome obstacles and gain awareness. I am hopeful that you will achieve great success in the coming years. Happy Birthday!

Hey buddy! We may have disagreements from time to time but know that my heart beats for your smile, for your happiness and enthusiasm. May you reach the pinnacle of success.

When one does great deeds in previous life, then God rewards us with great son like you.

My son is the epitome of unshakable faith. It gives me immense pride to say that I am your father dear. May there be more sons like you in this world.

There will always be ups and downs, ebbs and flows in your personal and professional endeavors. How you tackle them is what will make you stand apart from the rest. Happy Birthday to an awesome Son.

A boy does not become a man until and unless he faces the crisis and use that as an opportunity to become greater than his wildest expectations.

While everyone can take, it takes a strong and determined heart to give to others. May you never ever doubt upon your capabilities my dear son because the divine has bestowed you with more talent and abilities that you will need. Your job is to make the most of them.

I don’t want to call you a good son because you are more than what I could have ever asked from the divine. You are certainly one of the best things that ever happened to me and mom. I wish the upcoming years be happy, cheerful, and prosperous for you. Happy Birthday, dear!

Inspiring words From Mother

It’s only a kinder and tranquil heart that forgives the others. You are one kind soul my dear son and I know that your heart is stronger than what you think.

The most underrated joy in life is to have amazing time with son. I hope the coming years be more fruitful, happy and prosperous for all of our family.

It doesn’t matter how tall and strong you will ever grow up dear Son, for me and your mother, you will always the little toddler and we will always love you like that only. Happy Birthday, dear!

Dear Son! You may be far away but my heartfelt wishes and blessings will traverse the space and time to reach your heart. May you have a blast tonight!

The world would be a calmer, better and more thriving place if there would be more kind hearted sons like mine. Tonight, we are going to celebrate your birthday like never before.

The best things in life come to those who push themselves outside their comfort zone. May you keep pushing yourself to the best of your abilities. Happy Birthday, Son!

From Father

Hey handsome Son! It is only the tough people that keep going when the going gets tough. Never ever lose your dreams and vision. You deserve all the best in the world.

The greatest pleasure in life is to have a son who is like your best friend too. Thank you son for all the happiness you have given me all these years. Looking forward to more in coming years.

My dear son has given me plethora of reasons to be proud, happy and grateful. May every family in this world get a Son like you. Happy Birthday dear!

We truly must have done some amazing deeds in our previous life to have got each other in this life. The world would be a better place if there would be more Sons like you. Happy Birthday dear!

No matter how much you grow up, my umbrella of love, care and mentorship will always be upon your head my dear. God bless you Son!

While it is the father that usually inspires the Son, I am proud to say that I get goosebumps and motivation every time I see my Son. May you achieve all your dreams and desires my dear! Lots of love!