You are the epitome of a wonderful, caring, smart, sensitive husband. Did I forgot damn handsome too!!! Many Happy Birthday greetings for my wonderful husband

Life was certainly good before meeting you. But after marrying you, it has become heavenly now! May every woman in the world gets a husband like you!

I am sure that my past karma are in good books of the Almighty which is why it blessed me with a perfect husband like you! May our sacred bond remain alive till eternity. Happy Birthday greetings for my amazing husband!

Dear husband! Always keep this thought that when the going gets tough, the tough certainly starts going! You have all the support of your wife. Happy Birthday!

We both may have flaws but I wouldn’t want to change even an iota in my husband. He is the one who understands the pulse of my being. May the divine provides him longevity and tons of happiness.

I am still trying to be the best version of a wife and you are already a perfect husband for me. I can’t wait for many more happiness, exuberance and vigor in the coming years. Happy Birthday!

I wouldn’t have thought that life could be a paradise owing to a man. But you my dear husband has surely turned my life upside down, and for the good. Happy Birthday!

I have a feeling, in fact I know that one the divine wants to create a handsome, smart and dashing young man, he takes the reference of my husband. That’s how special you are hubby. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Its rare but the divine sometimes gives us more than what we deserve, like the way he gave my beautiful husband with whom every moment seems surreal. Happy Birthday Dear!

After witnessing an amazing and on going roller coaster ride for the good, I can’t even imagine how life would have been if you were not my husband. May we always be husband and wife together in the next lifetimes also.

I feel like a queen each day because my husband is like a King. Authoritative, really handsome and charming. You turn on all the cells of my being like nothing else.

Life has already offered me the best what it could i.e. my husband. All the joys, and exuberance are like the icing on the cake.

Even the lows of life do not drain energy when one has a supportive, caring partner like my husband. May he rises to the mountains of success in all his personal and professional success.

They say that the a woman lies behind the success of a man but they forgot to tell that its the man who can propel her to achieve success beyond her wildest expectations.

You are not only a great husband, but a great, a terrific father and total complete man. The world would be so nicer if there were more men like my husband. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Funny Greetings of birthday for the Husband

Its the birthday of my husband and today I am gonna give him the best gift of his life, from his money ofcourse. Hehee

When husband has become accustomed to my types of criticism, then his progressive days have just begin in all aspect of life. Heheh!

If there is one man who can pull legs of mine without getting kick in the behind, then it is my husband. One lucky man I would say! Happy Birthday!

It takes a lot of skills to become accustomed to your farts and snoring. I owe a nice expensive gift for that surely. Ain’t I dear husband!!! Happy Birthday!

If there is an easy skill by you could make us a millionaire, it is by patenting your farts. They have the power to send the mosquitoes to heaven too.

Dear husband! At times when I feel like laughing my heart out, I simply envision about you snoring with your wide open mouth! Don’t feel bad because I know you do the same too! Hehehe!

Its so grateful of the divine that the looks and intelligence of our wonderful children have gone onto me and you respectively and not vice versa.

Inspiring birthday greetings for handsome Husband

Dear hubby! I know that you are propelling through an insanely difficult time and all you have is my support to you, with all my heart and with every fiber of my being! The divine will reap you immensely greater victory too! Keep going!

To my wonderful husband! Know that the best things in life are often acquired through persistence. The Almighty has given you all the talent and skills for your dreams and I am sure you will accomplish with all your might!

No matter how tired or difficult day I have, the mere hug and tough of your skin is powerful enough to recuperate me from all the negative feelings. Happy Birthday to an awesome man!

Since the pillar of our marriage has always been respect, and love therefore it doesn’t matter whether we disagree at times, because I know that you always want the best for me and family.