Happiness is in having a lively banter with your spouse. Those funny, leg-pulling, and teasing comments are the ones that keep the spark alive between the two people. And what better occasion would be to poke such comments into each other than the birthday of the husband! In this post, you will find plenty of hilarious and funny wishes that you can give to your hubby on his birthday.

Happy Birthday to dear husband! May you always shave that beard before kissing me.

Over the years, I have come to realization that men are basically dogs, but only for the first 100 years of their life. What are your great thoughts on it dear husband. Oh and happy birthday by the way!

Dear Husband! Every time you pull my leg, I simply want to come behind you, hug you tight, followed by a wild kick to your behind. Happy Birthday by the way.

May you please take a shower on your birthday.

It is 12 a.m. and your wifey is the first one to wish you a happy birthday. Sending you plenty of virtual kisses and hugs. The real ones will follow once you have taken a shower and brushed your teeth. Good night for now.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, to the wife for help.

Its the day when I wish to make my hubby very happy. And he relishes giving a fine wine and dear. May you do that tonight dear hubby! HBD

I understand how awesome it feels when one gets to spend and cherish life with a cool, lovely, and beautiful wifey like me. What are your great thoughts on it, dear hubby! HBD by the way!

Special day deserves special treatment. I have ironed your clothes and have ordered a nice birthday gift for my hubby, from his own money of course.

Over the years, the smell of your fart has decreased considerably. May the trend remains the same way over the years.

The space in our bed has reduced over the years owing to the increasing size of the cute telly belly of my darling husband.

One of the most under rated joys in life is to wakey wakey up the husband with icy, cool water.

Hey hubby! You can always remain young, elegant and smart by lying through the teeth, just like your wifey does.

I was thinking about buying you a nice gift but then realized you already have the best one i.e. me.

The joy is in the anticipation of gifts and not in their physical presence. Hence I am announcing a super cool gift for my husband for his next birthday.

The birthday may be of my husband but we will be doing the shopping for me tonight, as usual.

Dear husband! The best rejuvenating exercise in the world is to pull your legs. Happy Birthday

If there would be Oscars for being lazy, funny and still charming, my hubby would certainly win it.

You may be bald my dear hubby but you are still the cutest guy in the world for me. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

Eat your heart out but don’t gorge on food like a pig.

Happy Birthday from a gorgeous wife who endures your mosquito repellant fart every night.

I never thought that one man could be the love of my life and also the biggest pain in my behind.

Short and sweet messages for him on his birthday

I am lucky that this life brought me a man who is cool, smart, funny, and empathic towards me. Will always be grateful to the divine for it.

If there would be a timeline of our relationship, it would have more funny banter, fights and disagreements with absolute love. All my love and blessings to you.

May our journey of love and togetherness remains alive for eternity.

Some feelings are hard to express. They can only be expressed and felt for each other. Love you the moon and back sweetheart.

One line hilarious birthday messages for husband

Its not the love always but fart also that is in the air. Happy Birthday

It is no secret that I not only love you with all my heart but with my behind also when you annoy the hell out of me.

On your birthday, may the divine gives you plenty of energy to …… do all the household chores. Sweet Birthday my love!

Funny poems for sweet husband on birthday