Considering that you don’t remember your own birthday, it was nice of you to wish me on time. Mighty thank you for those.

Its so nice of you to spare 2 mins from your president like hectic schedule. You certainly deserve my sincere thank you.

You have such a nice sweet tooth. I am sure politics is the right career choice for you dear. Thanks for those wishes by the way!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, from this birthday onward, birthday msgs will only be accepted along with the promise of equally nice gift. If no gifts, then no birthday wishes needed. Thank you! 😀

It was such a heart warming gesture that you sent those amazing sparking gif images of birthday. My thank you wishes to you would have been nicer if those gifts were real too. Heheh!

Are you really alive dear? I thought you boarded to heaven already.

I can sense in your birthday wishes that you are more happy to see me getting an year older. Plus, I know you are eagerly awaiting for the treats. So many thanks for those birthday wishes.

Thank you for disturbing my sleep at night with your copied birthday wish from the internet. Some thoughtfulness you have!

Your message really compelled me to write you a nice thank you message. Would also be able to gauge my writing skills too!

God bless Google that provides free thank you replies for the birthday wishes. This is certainly one of them. Let me know your valuable feedback about it.

You know dear. I would have crossed the oceans, mountains and continents to give you a hug and kiss for those beautiful birthday wishes but I am not gonna do so, because I have whatsapp to say thank you 😀 So thank you for those birthday wishes.

Thank you for those beautiful sentimental wishes. They reminded me of my own birthday date. God bless you dear 😀

Your nice birthday wishes reminds me that it is the same like the year before. Word to word same. I appreciate your effort for copy pasting it and adding nothing new. Cheers! 😀

After all those back bitching and disagreements over the year, I can finally see your softer side. May you talk to me everyday assuming my birthday.

Your wishes have brought tears into my eyes, not because they are nice and adorable but because I am a year older now. Thanks for reminding me that.

You are surprisingly very early in wishing me a nice birthday wish. Hmm. But the treat will offer to all at once only. No exceptions!

Stomach Aching funny reply of thank you for the birthday wishes

In order to your treat, you have achieved the easy part. Now the hard part remains, which is to drag your A** to my home and be here for the sleep over.

I truly must have done some amazing deeds to deserve a nice birthday wish from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You did very well in preparing those nice, bland birthday wishes. Makes me feel even more awful about my age now.

As much as I appreciate your amazing birthday wishes for me, I would have been doubly delighted with your advance birthday wishes also. But I will be happy with these ones too. So thank you very much! 😀

You have all wished me the very nicest words. Now its time to forgot my birthday and my age too.

If anything could have brought laughter on my face, it was your birthday wish. I am sure you took hours for thinking those nice words for me. Thank you for those 😀

Hilarious replies of thank you for the birthday wishes

You did well with those birthday wishes. I understand that even copy pasting the birthday wishes from Google requires some skill, and you truly have that. So nice to have people like you 😀

Your birthday wishes to me were more about your daunting vocabulary than it was about my birthday. Thanks a ton for the awesome wishes haha

I could sense the effort that you put for jotting down those birthday wishes for me. I think you should do it more often.

Your one day wishing me is not suffice for all the year leg pulling of mine. I will surely get the revenge in my own nicest way. Hahah! But thanks for those beautiful birthday wishes.

You certainly have curated amazing birthday wishes for me. But that ain’t enough. You need to wine and dine too dear. Hahah!

I could see that you birthday wishes are copied pasted from facebook and therefore, my gracious thank you to is also a copy pasted one.

Thank you for the amazing birthday wishes but you ain’t gonna get any party or treats for sure as I am out of the town.

If you are expecting a nice birthday wine and dine from me, then I have something better. Nice kicks to your butt for not being in touch for so long. Thank you for the wishes by the way.