While it is easy to wish Good Night, funny and creative ways makes them more appealing. Night is the time for our body and mind to relax therefore, a happy, positive mindset is paramount for a good night sleep. This is why funny ways to Say Good Night are excellent way to make the receiver happier and relaxed. We have crafted tons of Good Night Wishes in Hilarious ways and your friend, family and relatives will find them really interesting and funny. So let’s start to read them.

You may be fully tired but I am fully rested to come and run in your dreams all night long.

Time to count the numbers backward.

Its time to kill some mosquitoes and make them sleep forever.


If you meet any ghosts tonight, tell them to audition for Conjuring 4.

The cells of your body wants to cuddle with each other.

Don’t let the monsters under the bed chew!

Goodnight, have a horrible dream!

As per my observation, except from breathing, the only thing you’re excellent at is sleeping. Enjoy the sleep!

Even babies can learn how to sleep deeply by watching you sleep.

May the darkness of the sky pulls you hard into the deep, restful slumber. Good Night!

I am thinking about you as you are the last stop of my thought destination every night.

Deal. You’ll dream of me and I will dream of you.

Time to switch on your Melatonin and switch off your good friend i.e. Cortisol. Nighty Nighty!!!

Sleep like as if there is no tomorrow.

Time to choose our Peepers and Get to Sleepers!

Dream big, atleast in your sleep time!

I wish you are able to SLEEP LIKE A LOG tonight!

If you need a teddy bear, let me know. I am only a phone call away.

Time to save some electricity. Lights off and good night!


Now please don’t make the owls ashamed of themselves by staying awake.

Lets meet each other tonight in dreams and have a beer! Sleep tight!

Close your eyes now my love because it’s time for beddy-bye.

You have been really good today in achieving “Nothing”. So now lets be good at something at which you already are. Have a night sleep!

Sleep early so that the sun has a company too while rising tomorrow.

Say Hello to the angels from my side!

At day you be a bad guy, because they enjoy waking hours more. At night, you become the good people, because they get the best sleep on the planet.

Easy Peasy and get to sleepy sleepy!

Thinking about you mode has been activated.


The best job you could ever have is to sleep. A very lucrative career indeed.

May there be a chemical factory like your’s who could produce all the wonderful sleeping tablets for folks like us.

Don’t make me get the tickle monster.

Its the time of the day to put off your make up and look like normal because no one would be seeing you while sleeping!

I hope you get to go to your favourite mountains and hills tonight in your dreams!

Don’t make me kill you at this hour of night. Good Night!

If you don’t sleep soon, I wouldn’t be coming into your dreams tonight!

If there is only time when you do look like a human, then it is your sleep time.

I am sure the angels and God would be reparing you tonight while you are asleep!

May you sleep in such a way that its easier to wake you up tomorrow morning! Enjoy the Good night!

Love you to the heart and back!

A wise man had once said that at times, you don’t need motivation but two kicks on your back.

May all your fantasies come true, atleast in your dreams!

Time to up your beauty quotient! Have a baby sleep!

May the Serontonin levels rise now. May the cortisols levels decrease now. May your brain stops thinking and your body starts relaxing.

The dreams tonight will show you the Karma of today’s actions like sending me prayers, thinking good about others and etc.

Reality may suck but not dreams!

I am sure you will get to meet Brad Pitt tonight!

Some things are best done at night and in privacy i.e. Sleep

I am sure the dreams are damn beautiful as you are.

Enjoy your sleep and also the nightmares.

Time to hit the bed!

Time to cuddle with your teddy bear!

I guess you don’t want to miss Sunny Leone show. It will start after 2 hours from now in your sleep.

Sleep like a princess.

Funny & Angry ways to say Good Night!


Sleeping is the best time to fart loudly and not feel any guilt.

Please don’t show up in my dreams for god’s sake because I don’t want to see a monster.

May you not force your heart and mind to overwork just because they do it for free!

It is time to do your favourite thing in the world and I don’t mean getting ***d.

You look more handsome between 12 a.m to 6 a.m. when nobody has time to see you.

Enough of looking hagard for this day. Now time to rejuvenate your looks.

I have never seen anyone more professional at sleeping like you.

If you are having a hard time getting sleep, imagine getting your worst enemy getting thrased left, right and center.

Whatever curses and anger you have for me, please vent them out while you are asleep!

May your notorious mind stop running and sleep well!

Sometimes, you learn and at other times, you sleep!

Time to get laid, at least in the dreams!

I hope you don’t dream about the only thing that you do all day i.e. staring yourself into the mirror.

Funny ways to say Good Night to Girl


I have an urgent meeting right now with my school teacher in dreamland. See you tomorrow.

The dark circles are waiting to creep on you. May you not let them a chance. Good Night and sweet dreams!

If you need zombies, you can always show them my picture and they will be nice to you then.

I wish your night be as awesome as I am.

Your trillion cells are voting in favour of an urgent sleep. Please hear them or else there would be a rebellion.

Your pillow wants to cuddle with you I guess now!

Sleep like yourself i.e. like a baby!

Your prince charming is waiting for you at the dreamland.