In everyday life, we often end conversation with the phrase “Nice to Meet you” especially with strangers. The most common reply is usually “Nice meeting you too”.

While there is no harm in using that phrase, it has become overly-used in the recent times. If you don’t feel something unique about the other individual, you may as well use that phrase which does reflect courtesy.

But sometimes, we feel a strong urge to leave a lasting impression on the other individual. And that’s when we often think about a funny and lively reply to “Nice to Meet You”. Or we are just in a mood to give some vibrant replies to stand out from the crowd.

If you get vibes of playfulness, open-mindedness and humor tolerance by talking to the other individual, you can always give a funny reply to “Nice to Meet You” phrase instead of a monotonous reply. Coming up with such replies requires brainstorming. But luckily for you, we have prepared some really funny, lively and cool replies for that particular phrase which allows for conversation to take place naturally at a later stage. So let’s begin with the funny replies.

Well, you have been let known only the tip of the Iceberg.

The above reply may sound cocky but is actually a good excuse to keep the conversation going naturally. Ideally, you want to give such funny but logical reply to a person with whom you feel like catching up sometime later too. In short, if you find the other individual attractive, you could give them such answer.

I hope this is not going to where it seems like.

This answer clearly reflects that you are not looking for anything remotely romantic with the other individual and that you are content in just staying as strangers or aquaintances at the most. The answer may be a little funny but is more lively and can compel the other person to respond vigorously.

You certainly enjoyed a lot didn’t you?

This funny answer is clearly a teasing one. You can use it just to create a brief romantic tension or if you find the indivudal attractive, then this reply will clearly open more avenues of a healthy conversation that may lead to a romantic relationship.

Ok. I will take it as a joke.

The above statement is also a classic way to demostrate humor and light-hearted personality. And it also shows that you are nowhere close to a narcissist. Using the above phrase may actually interest the other individual even more.

Well. You are not going to forget about me very soon

A typical flirtatious and funny reply to “Nice to meet you”. Use the above phrase if the other person sparks your interest and gives you a nice vibe to date.

Oh Really! Well you judged me right in a very short span of time. Admire your observation. Same here meeting you.

Kind of funny and cocky reply but the way you deliver it will make a huge difference. The margin of error while using this phrase is very little. Using a kind tone while saying the phrase will make you appear confident where as adding a bit of style in your delivery will make you perceive as an arrogant individual.

I can clearly see that why!

Funny statement which could be considered narcissist if you don’t use a genuine smile and a soft tone while delivering it.

It feels we know each other from a long time. Don’t you think.

An open invitation for a short-term or long-term relationship. Do not use it to reply to someone who don’t give you butterflies.

Let’s see till what time you perceive me as nice.

This answer will suit you if you are a strong, confident character but have a hard time getting along with average people. Giving such lively reply also opens up avenue for a beginning of a new friendship.

I should probably save your number, if, ofcourse you don’t mind.

The reply is friendly and warmth in nature. While you could be giving the above reply purely for platonic relationships, it could be easily perceived as an invitation for long-term or casual relationship. Make sure you clearly communicates (even if through non-verbal communication) the reason why you are requesting for the contact number. Also, be mentally prepared that the other individual may not reciprocate the same way.

Are you trying to flirt with me because I already have a boyfriend.

As the statement suggests, it is a perfect funny reply to dodge a proposal (even if it is just implied through the compliment) when you have deciphered the intent of the flatterer that he wants to date you.

Nice here too talking to you. I obviously didn’t get intimidated by your beauty though.

An extremely bold answer, obviously stated to a women with above-average looks. It shows that as a man you admire women’s beauty but does not let it dampen your confidence and charm.

You have excellent taste in choosing who to converse with.

This is a nice way to praise the one for complimenting you. It makes both the parties happy and also raises the self-esteem of the flatterer.

You have been added to my list of people who I allow to be anywhere near my space.

This humorous reply simply indicates that the conversation has gone well and they are happy to talk to you anytime because your thoughts and wavelength matches.

Well Well Well. You certainly didn’t Wait Minutes before Sweeping Me off My Feet.

It clearly shows that you have been impressed by the guy and you are open to date him. Its flirty, lively and light-hearted to create romantic tension between the two of you.

Well, if you want you can have my number and message me too what you just said.

Just another way to indicate your liking for the guy. If you are a guy, then this answer is definitely a bold one and shows confidence about your self-esteem which is very attractive.

You are damn right. I may as well get nominated for Oscar too.

This answer is not only funny but shows a cocky attitude too. If you believe that you went overboard, you could always dilute it with more creative ways like “Oh, I was just kidding”. If you use the above response with smile and humor, you will be perceived as a funny and lively person who is willing to think of himself or herself in superlative terms, a quality that is so rare to find in people these days.

I wish there be more people like you who would say that to me.

An honest and light-hearted reply that shows you are clearly a down to earth individual who acknowledges that being praised makes anyone happy.

I hope you are not trying to get into my pants.

A funny reply that can be used on an extremely good-looking guy provided that you get the vibe that he is indeed trying to impress you for a date.

Well, I was feeling the same but I don’t express it that soon like you just did.

This reply will make the flatterer feel good about themselves and it will let them know that you take time to open up with a new person, which is absolutely natural.

Are you sure? Because I didn’t agreed to many of your things.

The reply said with hilarious tone shows your awareness that humans rarely respond kindly in cases when views are not aligned with each other’s. Giving such reply will impress the flatterer even more.

Aww. Thanks for that. You are the first person to say that to me in a loonngg time.

A sweet answer for the stranger’s compliment. Makes both of you happy and also demostrate your intent that if circusmtances are right, then you will be interested only in non-platonic relationship.

I may not agree to your opinions but I definitely admire your etiquettes of being courteous.

This reply will surely make the flatterer will good about themselves. In a world where being good on the face is only meant in the case of agreeing to the opinions, a reply as the above one is refreshing to hear and will make them remember you for a long time.

I hope you are not drunk and mean it with all your heart.

Its not everyday that you meet people complimenting you. So whenever someone tells you “Nice to meet you”, you can respond with that hopefully they mean it from their heart and are not high.

So when exactly are you asking me out?

As a girl, this reply is like a golden opportunity for the guy. You have just made his task a hell lot easier. He doesn’t need to muster the strength to know how you feel about him. Only use this if you are convinced to a certain extent that the guy is complimenting because he wants to impress you. Its a bold reply and bit direct for a girl to say so. But if you are confident and do not strictly abide by gender roles, you can give this refereshing, funny and lively answer.

Ideal Funny Replies for “Nice to Meet You”

Really? How about meeting again and you may feel even more nice?

Nothing could be more direct invitation for a friendship or a romantic relationship than the above reply. Its a reply that requires lot of vulnerability because the flatterer could decline the offer. Try this reply only if you are an extroverted personality who is unlikely to get affected if the other person decline your offer.

Ohh. You are such a cheesy guy!

Its a good reply to the flatterer if you want to convey him or her about the lack of style and originality in conversation but in a manner which is non-serious manner.

You say that to every girl who you meet. Isn’t it?

Its a good way to keep the guy on the toes especially if he is giving off vibe to date you. The reply will ofcourse challenge the guy to respond with even a better answer. Your personality will be reflected in a positive way who is quick to understand the intent and not hesitant to reply with an intelligent and witty response.

Hmm. I don’t believe you. Please prove it by any means. A nice gift would be perfect!

Such replies are for extrovert personalities. If you believe you possess such confidence, you can use the above reply and it is going to catch the flatterer off-guard.

Your opinion will change if you would talk longer to me.

A lively reply that will make the flatterer feel challenged in a light-hearted manner ofcourse.

Oh I know. I am such a charmer.

Only use it if you have real-life experiences of accomplishing your goal with the help of charm and charisma. Genuine charisma is easy to spot and using such reply in that case will make you appear really confident.

Please don’t be extra sweet to me for no reason!

Be cautious while using the above phrase. While it could be perceived a funny response, it will mostly reflect that you are a straight forward person and that you strongly believe that nothing is given for free even if it is a compliment.

What to keep in mind for giving funny reply to “Nice to Meet You”?

You don’t really have to play the courteous game of giving a funny reply if you are not in the mood. Simply saying “Same here” demonstrates that you are nice and polite and is not thinking about anything else. A classic example of displaying etiquettes.

However, always refrain from displaying cocky or narcissist behaviour. You never know circusmtances may make you run towards the same individual for help. You clearly want to reply in a positive or neutral manner.