Lets admit. While dating apps make it easy to ignore the terrible pick up lines, things are a lot harder when they ask you for number in the public or hit on you at the club. While you could shoo him off there are other ways to convey your disinterest who is trying to get into your pants. I am jotting some perfect retorts that would keep tension at bay and will also get rid of the creep.

Pick Up Line : – I bet you are more gorgeous than what my eyes could see.
Response : – And I bet you are more hideous than what I am seeing now!

You look like the best drug available tonight!
I am also the best one that kills viruses and bacteria!

You appear like an unexplored territory. I would like to explore it
And you look like a migrant which no place wants to accept.

Everything shouldn’t be easy. Some HARD things are good too!
I have plenty of HARD things at my home so I don’t need you!

You look more gorgeous the closer I get to your eyes.
And you look more decent the further you move away from my eyesight.

Pick Up Line : – I wonder how come a hot girl like you is alone here tonight
Reply : – And I wonder how come a hideous like you managed to sneak into this club.

Pick Up Line : – Lets make some bad decisions tonight!
Response : – Yes, surely but defintely without you!

Pick Up Line : – That dress of yours would look even better on my bedroom floor!
Reply : – But I am certain it would feel good to you when it would be tied and choked across your neck!

Pick Up Line : – God surely took a lot of time when he was designing you.
Reply : – And he was certainly drunk when he was creating you!

Pick up Line :- There’s something wrong with my eyes. I can’t take them off you.
Response : – I’m having a serious problem with mine, too. I can’t see you getting anywhere with me.

Those lines were pathetic but i will give you another chance because of your cuteness.

Did you just said that or it got spilled from your mouth?

You are the worst thing that has happened today and the day has only started!

You are not dumb as you look, you are dumber!

It looks like you haven’t done your homework.

You could have done it a lot better. But I will only give you a pat on the back and nothing more.

You should have drank wine before approaching me.

Is that your best?

Funny Response to Pick up Lines to Convey your Disinterest

I am sure you will remain a virgin even after marriage.

You copied these lines from Google? By the way which URL?

Do I look like a parking ticket with FINE written on my forehead!

You look exactly like the guy that I shut down just five minutes away.

I bet you are good at foreplay only.

Wow! Your testosterone leves are high but its too much for me!

Well you seem normal atleast but you are not my type.

Thanks for showering me with your attention. Next Please!

I wish you had a pill to make me like you.

Thanks for not being a pyscho atleast.

You would be more suitable to be my brother!

Are we at the rodeo? Because this conversation is bullshit.

You look like wonderful piece of meat. I wonder how great it would be to butcher you.

You are one month late as I have already been snatched by a handsome guy!

Your application has been received. Thank you!

Funny Sarcastic Mean Response To Terrible Pick up lines

I need a dispirin because those words just caused a huge headache.

There is vacancy for my friendzoned list! I might consider you for that!

A wise man had once said that happiness is in turning down guys after guys!

You need to dissappear fast as quickly as you came here.

You have been practicing these for ages isn’t it?

Please don’t ruin my outing for God’s sake!

Your confidence level shows that you are not worthy enough of me!

Those lines were great but you aren’t getting any action from me!