A wise man had once said that nobody ain’t busy that they cannot prioritize time for their friends and loved ones. But we often have people in our lives who portray to be busy and avoid nurtuing the relationships for no reason. By replying to your message through saying busy, what they are actually implying is that they don’t consider you as valuable as before. For their messages of being busy, you can always reply back to them with funny replies.

In most cases, it is always a good idea to reply courteously to “being busy” message but you have to accept that the other person is unwilling to spend time with you for some reasons. And in some cases, you can send a really funny reply to them.

By replying funny and sarcastic replies to their response of being busy, you convey that your life is not miserable without them and that you have sense of humor to catch them off-guard. In this post, we have prepared plenty of such funny and classy replies that will let them know that you are better off without them.

Yeah I know. You are wanking and on a tight schedule. Right?

This reply is not only funny but is sarcastic also that will throw them off-guard. You certainly want to send this message if the other individual has not been making time for you since a long time.

Are you trying to reach your Graveyard that soon?

Studies have shown that too much hard work raises cortisol levels and affects the overall health in a negative way. So if you believe that your friend is too busy because of his work, then you can reply him this message and it makes a perfect sense.

Staying Busy is the new Sexy I guess these days!

This reply is hilarious. It shows that you have a sense of humor. The above reply is taken from the popular BBC’s Sherlock dialogue “Brainy is the new sexy” by Irene Adler.

If you are at gunpoint in being forced to say you are busy, just say “It could be” and I will do the rest.

This is another way to show light-hearted side of your personality and it also reflects that you are not really bitter that your friend is busy.

My Dear Honey Bee, take it easy!

Fun and Light-hearted reply and is perfect for those friends who are actually busy and are just waiting for the free time to arrive to get back to you.

You are the perfect role model for the ants.

Ants are really good at team work and can spend hour after hour for collabaration work. If you state the above reply, it would surely come across as hilarious but logical too.

Are you trying to surpass the net worth of Bill Gates?

This reply is a perfect combination of funny and angry message that will catch the attention of the reader. The above statement implies that its ok to be extremely busy if someone is trying to make something really big in their life.

I hope you are getting paid well for doing all of this.

A reply that will surely throw them off-guard. And its a good way to demostrate your irritation for telling that they are so extremely busy.

I pray to God that you get time to eat food also.

If you get a vibe that someone is absolutely avoiding at their best on the pretext of being busy, you can give them this hilarious and sarcastic reply.

Are you trying to outpace the women in your workplace at being a multi-tasker?

Women are generally good at multi-tasking and therefore it makes sense that if your guy or girl friend is so overloaded with work, then they could be learning many things at the same time. A classic reply for hilarious and savage reply.

I hope you don’t stay busy in case natural disaster come.

A sarcastic reply and obviously to someone who you extremely care about but not getting reciprocated in the same way.

I am extremely fortunate to have a busy friend like you!

This is a prime sarcstic reply and it conveys the anger that you are building up because the other person is continuously busy and avoiding you with all their heart.

Whose **s are you licking in the office which is keeping
you so busy?

Politics can create havoc in the office environment and can compel people to work overtime simply to please their superiors without getting any monetary benefits. Therefore, it makes sense to give such reply if your friend is not finding enough time to spend with you due to workload reasons.

You are the classic example of achieving nothing even after staying busy!

More of savage and sarcastic reply rather than hilarious response. Obviously, things have not been going well for a long time. It is at this moment that you can send such reply which states about your dissappointment about the other individual not taking out time to clear the air.

I think your idol is Elon Musk. Even he would bow down to you by seeing you so busy!

Musk is probably one of the busiest people on Planet Earth. However, considering his stories on the Internet, he has been mostly on good terms with many of his friends. So equating your friend (who is ignoring you for sometime) to Musk might not be 100% correct but the reply is likely to evoke some response from him or her.

You really need to marry busyness! You will be really happy!

It is no secret that the person we really love, we intent to marry them. And therefore, if your friend is really into being busy, then you can suggest them to marry it for good which will keep him happy for eternity.

I pray that the reward for being so busy is in getting l**d.

Having **x is widely regarded as the most pleasurable activity for humans. If being engrossed in work yields such results, then there is nothing wrong in ignoring your friends and loved ones!!!!!

If there would be an Oscar for busyness, I am sure you will win it!

Oscar is widely regarded as the pinnacle of awards in the Hollywood biz. Therefore, if your friend is looking is making progress in staying out of your life, then you should definitely ask the question in the form of above reply.

More Funny Replies to someone saying “Busy”

I think you are getting some serious orgasms in staying busy.

Science has shown that Orgasms are highly addictive and if busyness yielded orgasm, then there is every possibility that everyone would be busy throughout the day.

I guess you need to change your name to “Mr. Always Busy”

A sarcastic reply that can invoke some genuine response from the other person.

Has anyone cursed you to remain busy for no reason?

Perfect answer which reflects your anger in the most minimalistic manner and also reflects sarcasm.

You need to befriend sleep at the very earliest.

This can only be a reply of a pure-hearted person as he or she is more concerned about the health of the other individual even though he feels bad about his friend not being available for him.

Hello Mr. Busy, take it easy!

A very light-hearted answer which shows your charming personality and also reflects that you are not butt hurt just because the other individual doesn’t value the relationship or the friendship.

I guess you don’t have time for even bathing or nature’s call.

This is the sort of reply when things clearly haven’t been going on well for a long time. Usually it is the phase of friendship when the other person is trying to maintain distance for some reason. And in such cases, you can use this funny reply to order to break some ice.

Really busy or just inflating your value through fake busy schedule.

People often try to portray themselves as busy in order to gain recognition as a very important person who doesn’t have free time. However, being really busy or faking it is easy to spot, especially if the other person is your friend.

More busy than Joe Biden?

The President of the United States is undoubtedly the one of the most busiest individuals that anyone could be. If your friend is shooing you off by saying he is busy, feel free to throw him this reply which will compel him to reply more appropriately.

Even Gods don’t work that busy schedule.

Nothing could be supreme than God and his creations. If God has time to listen to all prayers of us (may not grant it), and still be nice, then your friend should have all the time in the world to get back to you in a timely manner.

Are you trying to set up a world record for staying busy for no reason?

Limca Book of Records often include feats that are insane to achieve for a common man. If your friend is so busy, may be they are trying to get into those records. No harm in asking them by replying with above statement.

I guess you are working hard in scrolling your instagram feed.

Women are very much active on social media these days, especially Instagram. If your female friend says that she is busy, you can always give this reply to her. Be cautious, the reply may cause her to be angry.

You are fortunate to be so busy that you don’t have time for people.

This is more of a sarcasm as people who often care about people get dejected at times whereas people engaged in some sort of work 24*7 365 days a year rarely have the option to feel rejected.

By busy you mean in making yourself more pretty so that I am gonna explode tonight?

This is the perfect reply to send to your girlfriend if she tells you about being busy for some reason.