It’s an art to say something funny without appearing sarcastic. When your friend, co-worker, or colleague has gotten a job promotion, nothing could be better than to wish them heartwarming and funny wishes. Here you will find plenty of congratulations message for them for their success in climbing the corporate ladder.

Now the time has come to put boots on those asses which caused hindrance on your promotion. Kidding! Congrats!

This is what real victory feels like. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. Now you will have another job to bear your bosse’s tantrums.

Congratulations on the promotion my dear! You deserved every bit of it. May you now do the needful of recommending us for promotion too.

Your sincere ability and hard work has finally been noticed. Lots of congratulations!

Many Congratulations from getting promoted from a boring role to another boring role.

You have gained one new friend in your life and that is our Boss. Congratulations!

You will now have an easier time losing weight by running all around the office.

You may be moving to new team now with promotion, but the sadness of leaving us will make you regret your promotion. Congrats for the promotion.

Happy Birthday to the one who always know how to handle criticism with different people.

Your appetite for promotion is way bigger than my appetite for donuts and pizza. Hehe! Congrats dear for climbing the ladder.

It is a news that will induce a lot of fake smiles, happiness, and wishes from office maters but the sender of this message is genuinely happy for you. Many Congratulations.

This is not fair. Now you will be our senior and will impart orders just like our boss! Lol! Jokes aside, many many congratulations on the promotion.

The smaller fish has gotten bigger. Happy for your promotion. You deserved it.

It is rightly said that sharing is caring. Now that you have got the promotion, we hope you will be giving us a nice party and a fine wine and dine.

Your promotion is an inspiration for us. You have proved that how much of a** hole a boss may be, there is always a way of getting a promotion. Kudos to you.

Some things are hard to compete, like your work ethic. Lol! You have been phenomenal since last year. Kudos to you for the promotion.

Well Deserved Congratulations for Colleague

Hard work does pay reward. Congrats to you for the promotion. You thoroughly deserved it

Its inspiring to see people amongst us getting recognition. Many Congratulations to the awesome guy.

You are an asset to this organization and to your friends, the family also. Our heartiest congratulations to you. We wish there be more like you.

Sarcasm filled funny Congratulations

Since you have been promoted, we are now no longer friends with you. Lol Kidding!

You have done the unthinkable which is to get into the good books of our bosses. Many Congratulations for the promotion.

Congrats for the 1% rise in salary, and 100% rise in work hours.

Now that you have achieved the promotion, we wish that you replace the manager someday and get that a** fired up from our place.

Your promotion proves you really were into the good books of our Hitler Boss. Some skills you have.

Welcome to bigger pay scale, more recognition, more politics and more working hours. Jokes aside. Congrats for the promotion.