Happy Birthday my bestie! You still not only have the looks of a teen ager but the wisdom too! Hahah 😀 But I love you the way you are!

Some of the best birthday wishes in life are found on Google. God bless Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Oops a happy birthday to you dear!

A best friend is like a good condom. They don’t get worn out and break even if the going gets extra hard.

I don’t know why but sometimes my ankle feels really soothing if they come into contact with your bum. Happy Birthday!

In order to express my sincere friendship feelings for you, I am sending you the perfect gift for you, along with the perfect invoice too. Hahah! Happy Birthday!

It is only the gift of a divine that a face can be mighty gorgeous on one day and totally hideous on the other. Heheh!! Don’t worry dear! I also have been blessed similarly. Happy Birthday!

Dear Bestie! There is a simple, cost-effective way of achieving wider glutes and bigger ti***es. It is by being a couch potato. Natural and safe way! Happy Birthday!

If you are fretting about turning older today, don’t worry. You are actually younger from your next birthday of course. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

You possess a unique idea for making us billionaire. Simply get your fart patented for sending the mosquitoes into heaven. Great idea what you say! Oh, happy birthday by the way!

It is the day in every year when you set high goals only on paper though! Hahah! You are no different from me. Happy Birthday!

My dear bestie has taught me how to get over a man quickly. It is by getting under an another one asap. Hahaha!!! Exaggerating only dear! Happy Birthday!

The real joy on birthday is always in the anticipation of gift arriving, and not on the actual gift itself. Considering this, I am giving you a real joy by announcing to send you a gift on your next birthday. May the anticipation keeps you happy and content till then. Happy Birthday!

The real joy of best friend’s birthday is in free wine and dine and awesome hang outs. The birthday in itself is just a formality.

Besties have so much to offer. Their support, their wardrobes. The icing on the cake is make up. Love you bestie! happy Birthday!

The fear of your criticism is stronger than the scolding of my mom and dad. Thanks for your valuable contribution dear. That’s what friends are for Isn’t it!! 😀 Happy Birthday!

If it was a crime for being handsome and charming in the world, then you would be roaming freely in the streets. Don’t worry dear, I probably would be there to accompany you also. Hahaha 😀

There is a perfect saying that where there is a will, there is always a way! I hope my good name too will find its way into your rich will agreement. 😀 Oh. Happy birthday my best friend!

You may not be aware but there are a lot of dirty secrets that I know about you than you know about me and I wish it stays the same forever. Hahah!

It is nice to have some people in your life from whom you can borrow money and never bother about returning it. Hahaha!!

The Almighty gave you so many colorful shades in personality. Smart, Witty! Oops I forgot funny looking too! Hahah!

When the divine wants to create funny looking but altruistic individuals, then he take the reference of my bestie. Heheh! Happy Birthday sweet heart!

Its a very nice and hearty to have some amazing people in life like you have me in your life. Isn’t it so my dear!! Happy Birthday!

No amount of money can give me joy and exuberance than pulling your legs. May you and me be best friend in all our lifetimes. Happy Birthday!

Its amazing that you are not only my best friend but also a perfect punch bag for me. Hahah Kidding dear! Lovely birthday wishes to you!

I must thank your Mommy and Daddy for deciding to bring you at a similar time when my Mommy and Daddy decided to bring me. That’s what I called synchronicity. Hahah! Happy Birthday to you!

It is amazing that how a fart of a person can be so effective for repelling the mosquitoes. You are a master of it. I admire you for it best friend. Heheh! Happy Birthday!

Since your last birthday, you have lost couple of teethes. I don’t know how much time the remaining ones will be there in your mouth. Better to eat like a pig till they last. Happy Birthday!

May you succeed with all your might. May you earn the riches and desires and give me some money too. Happy Birthday!

It is an unwritten clause of our friendship to not look smarter, handsome and charming than each other, especially on a party, that too to the opposite gender. I wish this cause remains intact for eternity. 😀 Happy Birthday!