Its no easy to write funny birthday messages, that too for your brother. There is no doubt that the bond with brother is almost similar to that of a friend. And therefore, to say that you are well-aware of your brother’s likes, dislikes and habits would be an understatement.

But at times, it becomes challenging to come up with the right words, especially when they are needed for your brother’s birthday! But fret not, we have crafted some really funny, stomach-aching and sarcastic birthday wishes for your brother in this post. These wishes are related to your brother’s habits and to almost every sphere of his life. So without further ado, lets get started to the wishes.

Funny Hilarious Brother’s Birthday Wishes

  • Many Congratulations Brother for coming closer to the fountain of Wisdom. May you be there sooner than expected!
  • May your immune system remain resistant to viruses like your habit to change.
  • Welcome to another year of mastering the dance floor.
  • Thank you for being less sexy than me this year. I wish the trend continues.
  • Happy Birthday Brother! Tonight, we will have an amazing party arrangement along with the ambulance and medical team in case you pass out while partying like young folks like us.
  • Here is another year of avoiding the Birthday Ward at the hospitals. Happy Birthday Brother!
  • May every person be as healthy as you in this world so that we can crush the business of the hospitals.
  • Sometimes, I wonder its me who is your sibling or your computer.
  • Legends have said it that Fools talk, cowards are silent, a WISE MAN listens but my brother sleeps a lot.
  • May your wishes be as elusive as the origin of those frequest mysterious farts.

Younger Brother Funny Birthday Wishes

  1. May this year of your life be surrounded by blankets, pillows and hot women rather than stress and responsibilities.
  2. Congrats on reaching the age where the naps feel more better than the partying.
  3. As they say, it has been really amazing what you have achieved in last year, which is nothing!
  4. You are ageing so well that you will probably be worth million dollars atleast, if we sell you in the market! Haha!
  5. They say that wisdom arrive on time but its taking sweet time in your case.
  6. Its nice to be older because then you are more experienced in everything, especially in hiding your own mistakes and finding faults in other’s. Kidding!
  7. A very warm salute to this planet Earth for bearing another year of your wild adventures!
  8. I wish all your fantasies come to reality, except for the ones which are illegal!
  9. Thanks for being the second coolest person of this family after me ofcourse!
  10. You might be getting old but you are definitely increasing in value.
  11. A very wonderful birthday and congrats for surviving my tantrums. May your capacity to bear them increase even more.
  12. May you be more dedicated this year for fulfilling my wishes. May my lips remain tight lipped this year about your embarrasing stories also.
  13. Remember that age may be a number. But in your case, it is effing huge.
  14. You are gaining strides in all areas except wisdom and intelligence. Kidding!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Brother From Sister

  1. Hey Brother! Remember that old age is a just a number which directly relates to how well you lie about it.
  2. Thanks for keeping my secrets in your stomach for another year. May the trend continues for lifetime.
  3. May your hospital visits remain zero for eternity and your partying levels remain all time high.
  4. Congratulations on mastering the art of pulling my leg every now and then.
  5. The best gift in the world is to have a punchbag like my brother!
  6. If you weren’t my brother, we would still have been friends. In fact, better friends than what we are now!
  7. You have mastered the art of ……sleeping anywhere at anytime that you deserve an Oscar for it.
  8. You are not only ageing but also maturing into the best sibling with time.
  9. Another thank you to my lovely brother for being less pretty than me.
  10. A wonderful accomplishment for being the better brother from last year to the best sister in the world. May the improvement continues.
  11. You deserve a pat on the back for keeping your sense of humor despite getting old.
  12. To my good-hearted brother, I thank you for being the reason that I never have to worry about being the favourite child of this family.
  13. May our bond continues to evolve with our partnership in crime too!
  14. You may older or wiser. I will always have the rights to tease you!
  15. On this birthday, the budget of the candles has now surpassed that of the cake. I Congratulate you on this wonderful accomplishment.
  16. May you keep improving with age like a fine wine but without turning into the vinegar ofcourse.

Sarcastic Funny Wishes for Brother on Birthday

  • Thank you for being the perfect library in the world for excuses for everything!
  • Wishing you get to smile a lot and urinate a lot less in this year of your life.
  • While its true that God doesn’t drink, he was certainly drunk when he was designing you!
  • I wish those grey hair of your’s exude wisdom even if you are the opposite in real life.
  • Sending you lots of wonderful gifts for my brother through Cash on Delivery. May you keep the change for the delivery guy.
  • You have been doing a really good job in keeping your heart young despite turning older.
  • Here is another reminder to you that I will always be the cooler one!
  • The price of your Sarcasm is as hot and expensive like that of the Gold. Happy Birthday Big Brother!
  • You have become fermented with your wisdom and experience. You are ageing like a fine wine but I hope you don’t become like a sour grape!
  • May your memories remain sharp for years as the knife of our kitchen.
  • Congratulations on taking a step closer to the years where you will start getting senior discounts.
  • Another year has gone by and you are still immature. Here is the toast to your eternal immaturity!
  • You might be old but definitely a well-seasoned one for all purposes. Happy Birthday Brother!

Dating Related Funny Birthday Wishes For the Brother

  • Dear Brother! May your dating life be as hot as the candles on the cake tonight!
  • May your farts remain inactive on the most important days if you know what I mean.
  • May your wild naughty photos with your Gfs live through the ages for the next generation.
  • Very soon you would be like the vintage collection that everyone would love to collect!
  • May the Gods bless you with so much attention from the opposite gender that you don’t have to buy the premium of Bumble and Tinder.
  • I wish this year be filled with wild adventures similar to the ones claimed in your Tinder profile.
  • I congratulate you on mastering the art of great escape from uncomfortable approaches.
  • May the hard work of your workout transforms into rewards from dating life.
  • If you re having trouble in your dating life, then feel free to use the Morse Code!
  • May you find a woman this year who will be as electrifying as the Tesla coil demonstration!
  • May this year of your dating life turns out to be a roller-coaster ride, ofcourse minuse the nausea.
  • I wish this year requires less effort from you to get the job done!
  • I sincerely want your dating life to be so wild that they deserved to be made into a reality show.
  • May your life turned around as adventurous as your Tinder Profile.
  • A huge toast to another dry year. You have saved plenty of money and energy too!
  • Another year of deciphering the mixed signals. I hope you never give up!
  • Dating outings may or may not be great but outings with me will always be! Happy birthday!
  • Hey Bro! I wish the budget of your pizzas reduce this year and increases for the condoms!
  • The year may be without hot chicks and wild fun but atleast you will have more time for me and video games.
  • May more women flock to you than you could ever handle them.

Science Related Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Brother

  1. May all your experiments related to fruitful discoveries and your cake be as sweet as the mysteries of the universe.
  2. I pray that the complications of your life be less complex than the chemical equations you solved in the highschool.
  3. You are not getting old my dear brother. You are simply approaching the point of maximum entropy.
  4. May the hypothesis of your next Tinder Date transforms into the reality of a bedroom!
  5. Wishing you an upward trend in the graph of your life across all dimensions!
  6. A toast to my brother who can explain the mystery of the black hole but cannot figure out why he is not getting laid!!!
  7. No matter how challenging the obstacles will be, I promise to never ditch you into the black hole. Happy Birthday!
  8. You are the shining sun of my life around whom my life revolves. May your heat be less this year!
  9. All my wishes with your so that your life be filled with more “Eureka!!!!”
  10. You have mastered the art of calculating the tip at the restaurant. Now its time to decipher the reason of you being single!
  11. Congratulations on reaching closer to the graveyard. They say that Earth is flat until you reach 30 years old.
  12. Legends have rightly said that age is just a number. But in your case, its a really big one, bigger than the Universe itself!
  13. Dear Brother! May the equations of your life be always balanced with happiness, gratitude and fun! Happy Birthday!

Career Related Funny Hilarious Birthday Wishes for Brother

  1. I wish the networking in your career be as smooth as the conference call connections of your office.
  2. Age is certainly a number but in your case, it is definitely more than your computer password.
  3. You are the only individual who not only knows the short cuts of Ms Office but also that of success.
  4. May your Wifi always remain strong as ever, the coffee be endless and your lappy screen remains unblue forever.
  5. May your drown your colleagues and manager with even more jealously this year with your skills and charisma.
  6. Always remember that work is important but also are the naps in the office.
  7. May you find newer ways to appear more busy at your desktable than you actually are!
  8. Your life may not wrinkle-free but your career can be. Happy Birthday Brother!
  9. I hope your career be as bright as the computer screen at midnight.
  10. My sincere wishes for your career progression to be straighter than the straight line itself!
  11. May you keep climbing those corporate ladders and keep a check on the banana peels.
  12. Another awesome year of being the Tech Guy of the Organization. May those skills remain sharp as your wit and humor!
  13. Happy Birthday Bro! May your career be as epic as the lunchtime debates!
  14. May you find ways to drug your manager in order to give you the desired promotion.
  15. Another year of successfully passing the office’s politics. Know that you are always the boss………………. of your own birthday party atleast!
  16. Happy birthday Brother! May your career skyrockets just like the beers of bottles dissappear from our homes on the weekend.

Habits Related Funny Birthday Wishes For Brother

  1. May your smoking sessions be less and your bathing sessions be more than the previous year.
  2. You have reached a wonderful age where being a sleep champion will be appreciated more than ever.
  3. May today be the day from onwards the couch be tired of you sitting on it.
  4. May someone forcefeed you the Truthserum on this birthday so that you finally reveal the secrets of your charm and charisma.
  5. May you bing-watch the Netflix so much that they blacklist you for the next 7 lifetimes.
  6. Dear Brother! I pray that your self-talking habit in public be the foundation of your future Ted Talks.
  7. Hey Brother! May your birthday be as legendary as the secret-fart melodies. Silent but deadly!
  8. Seeing you know the inns and outs of social media platforms, I think its best to say that you have gained a p.hd in sociology.
  9. You have been more Okay in being okay as my brother. I wish it continues the same.
  10. You have been perfectly persistent in forgetting the car keys. I hope it remains strong as ever!
  11. Congratulate on mastering the art of social media scrolling in your spare time!
  12. May this year of life brings another opportunity to work on your procastination.
  13. I wish the bathroom be less smellier this year. Thank you in advance!
  14. You have not become lazy in snoozing the alarm, you have just become a professional sleeper.