Happy Birthday to an amazing person whose friendship has given me all sorts of sheer joy, happiness, and exuberance. May you acquire the zenith of success and surpasses your wildest expectations.

The world would be so much peaceful, calmer, cooperative and thriving if there were more people like my good friend. He is the epitome of a perfect individual. May the divine has plenty of euphoric moments for our friendship in our kitty of life. Happy Birthday!

If there is a key factor for pushing me out of the comfort zone, then it is certainly our friendship. I certainly owe it for my and also yours’s tremendous success. HBD

The best part about your friendship is the ability to take criticism and disagreements and still allowing the other person to speak their mind. I wish more people in this world be like you. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

After knowing the inns and outs about you, I always wished to have met you earlier in life. May the journey of our friendship keeps soaring high. HBD to you!

Our friendship resembles the colorful rainbow of the sky. Elegant, cool and fiery at times. But totally holistic. Friendship with you rejuvenates me. Happy Birthday!

Every relationship has its give and take equation. But I can proudly say that you have always given in our friendship and never worried about receiving. You are what I believe as the perfect friend. A very happy birthday to you dear!

There are few things in life which is pure, angelic and enlivens the cells of my being. It is our friendship and I am glad to have you as one. May you achieve immense success in your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Birthday dear!

Inspiring Happy Birthday Cum Friendship Quotes

We may have a thousand disagreement in our friendship but it will never dilute our love and respect. We have seen the best of best and worst of worst. And the future will only bond our friendship to the core. Happy Birthday to my dear friend. God bless you!

The divine has given you more ability, talent and skills that you will ever use in this lifetime. Your job is to make most of those talent, skills and abilities in this lifetime. For overcoming every obstacle, our friendship is always there my friend. Keep the pursuit high. Don’t give up. Happy Birthday!

At times, we may be far away but our heart will always be connected with the invisible yet powerful threads of love, respect and support to each other. Happy Birthday dear friend!

Your exuberance and vigor in times of tough reflects your positive mind set, faith and persistence. Seeing every bit you, gives me all sorts of inspiration. Happy Birthday dear!

Sometimes, despite our hardest effort, we may not achieve our goals. Defeat may make us vulnerable but an enlivening friendship like that of yours is enough to propel someone to the pursuit again. May you always stay like this forever. HBD to you!

We certainly must have done some amazing deeds in our previous life in order to have each other as best friends in this one. May the Almighty keep our friendship bond alive for eternity. Many many happy returns of the day to you my friend!

It doesn’t matter how much wealth we acquire. The natural euphoria and adrenaline with you is way more rejuvenating than all the money in the world. May our friendship continues to evolve for the better. Happy Birthday Dear!


You have been on the receiving end of my jokes many times recently. I am sure you are planning a sweet revenge n me. Hahah!! Disagreement, criticism or sweet revenge. All gives a natural high in our friendship. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Our friendship has not only given me lots of support in tough times but lot of free treats too. Hahah!! May it continues forever like this. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

There is enough evidence in this world that suggest that more age does not correlate to more wisdom. The living proof of this is the one who is reading this message. Hahaha!! Happy Birthday!

You have befriended some amazing people into your life including the one who is writing this message. Happy Birthday!

Its funny but I always have a hard time remembering my own birthday, let alone remembering yours. Luckily we have Zuckerberg’s FB to remind me of your birthday and friendship day. Hahah! HBD to you!

It may sound ironic but I hate you for cracking jokes which makes me laugh like an idiot. Hahaha! You are awesome at it. HBD dear!

Its great to not only have a great friend by my side but also a great punchbag. And you are amazingly apt at both. Hahah 😀

As a friend its our duty to not only support each other but to also pull our legs in order to keep us on our toes. Thanks for doing that wonderful friend . Hahah! Happy Birthday to you mate!

Its not always about winning or pushing ourselves to the limit but also about learning to being a couch potato and lazy. I have learnt all of that from our friendship. Hahah!! May the journey continues. Happy Birthday dear!