An elder sister is someone who not only scolds you but also you loves you like a mother, and share things with you like a friend. She is the one whose umbrella of love and care will always hover upon your head. When her birthday comes, it is imperative that you give her some special wish, a wish that will make her feel grateful of having a sibling like you. In this post, you will find plenty of big sister birthday wishes. These are sentimental, funny, inspiring wishes for your elderly birthday sister.

No one can understand my emotions and the pulse of my being like you do. Seeing your wonderful laughter and amazing charm makes me happy, grateful, and enlivening. Happy Birthday to my awesome elder sister.

Life couldn’t have been funnier, prosperous and lively with you my dear sister. You are the sunlight that illuminates our life with your love, nourishment and laughter. A very happy birthday to you.

No matter even if the sun runs out of the energy, my love for you will always remain alive. May this birthday fuels you to achieve great things in life.

You may be elder to me but you are no less than a mother to me. I wish all the siblings in the world get an elder sister like you. May the Almighty bless you with all sorts of blessings.

For Big sister from another mother

Happy Birthday to one elderly lovely sister who is more like a real sister to me. May the divine bonds us with real sibling relationships in the next lifetime.

You are not only a big sister but also a friend and mentor and I am so grateful to the divine for having you. May our bond keeps getting deeper and stronger with the passage of time. Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Elder Sister from Brother

For me, you are not a sister but a mother who has (and will always) taken care of me. The world would be so peaceful, and thriving if there would be more like you. A very happy birthday.

For me, the best rejuvenation in the world is to pull the legs of dear sister from time to time. May the trend continues.

I am sure when Mom and Dad brought me home, you got jealous. But now after so many years, you pretty much realize how badly you miss me when I am not around. And the same I feel for you too elder sister. A very happy birthday to you.

Hey elder sister! I know more dirty secrets about you than you know about me. May it remains the same forever.

Funny wishes to Big sister

You don’t have to buy expensive make-ups and anti-aging cream to stay young and charming forever. You can always do that by lying through the teeth.

When the going gets tough for the big sister, she always gets going to her sibling for help. Happy Birthday, dear!

Laugh with all your heart and mouth out till you have all the teeth left.

The birthday may be today but we know who will be doing all the household chores.

Inspiring Quotes

Dear sister. If it ain’t light at the end of the tunnel, then it is not the end of the journey. Period!

The world would be nicer, cooperative, and thriving if there would be more sisters like my dear sister. Happy Birthday to you.

Some things in life cannot be said. They can only be felt when there is strong support from our family members. Thank you dear sister for always being by my side.

For Elder Cousin sister

There is no greater happiness than to have a vivacious, lovely, and joyous cousin sister. May you always be happy, healthy, and kicking. Lots of love and Happy Birthday.

I love it that a cool, smart, and kind-hearted girl is my elder sister. Sending you loads of kisses, hugs, and wishes. May everything good happens to you and your family.

You are an amazing girl with many shades of vibrant personality, and humor. I wish you keep in adding more charm and beauty with every passing year.

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