If a baby boy has come into your family, many many congratulations to you. As a grandparent, nothing will make you more excited for each day than to see your vibrant, amazing, and cute little grandson. The first wish for your grandson will always be a nostalgic one and you really want to make sure to be the absolute best.

Here in this post, we have prepared awesome wishes for your grandson birth. We are sure that he will love it, when he will come to read that message later on life. Heartiest welcome to your lovely grandson.

Grandparents wishes for a new baby

Happy Birthday to the new bubble-up, cutie pie from heaven. Thank you, Almighty for blessing me with such a cutie guy. The grandpa couldn’t have been happier. Lots of love!

Hey Grandson! Welcome to our wonderful family. May you get to surpass all the joys, happiness that we have seen and felt till now. An awesome grand welcome to you!

It’s the day we were waiting for so long. Finally, you have arrived into our life with all the cute smiles. Happy 1st day my dear Grandson. I hope you live for 200 years.

Words to welcome a new grandson

Hey buddy! We are delighted beyond expectations with your arrival. We hope the journey from heaven to this lifeform has been smooth for you. Congrats for making it here dear. Kudos to you and your mommy! Welcome to our family lovely grandson.

Hey buddy! Your grandmother may have witnessed a ton of joyous experiences in her life but your arrival in our family is nothing short of surreal.

Our deepest welcome to the cutest grandson in the world. May you always be smiling with a naïve heart. May the world be at your feet at later stages of life. Welcome to our family grandson. So happy to have you here.