Hey young, handsome, and adorable! You have turned three today. I wish you grow cuter, more handsome than me and your father. A very happy 3rd birthday.

Its a day when many toddlers are celebrating their third birthday. Mine is also amongst them. Lucky day it is. Happy birthday sweet heart!

When I see the eyes of my grandson, I feel the enlightenment coming from the divine. May you always be smiling, hearty, and cheerful.

its no wonder that every kid in this family is born with naughty smile, great genes and ever brooding eyes. Kudos to the grand mother for it and happy third birthday to my lovely grandson!

At times, I wonder how did the oldie like me got so lucky? Then I realized that it’s also the grandson who is lucky too to have someone like me. Happy Birthday dear!

Hey Grandson! You seem chirpy, mischievous and naughty i.e. you have all the traits of your grandfather. May you accomplish all those things which are close to my heart.

Dear Grandson. Every time I see you, my desire to live increases by a bit. Happy third birthday!

It is no secret that both me and my grandson have done some truly remarkable things in our previous life to have got each other in this one. I thank the divine for such wonderful gift to our family.

Happy third birthday to my favourite guy on the planet. God gave you more talent and ability than you will ever use in this lifetime. Your gift to god is to make the most of them in this lifetime.

We may have all the material compensation in the world but none of it can match the happiness that my cute grandson gives. A very happy third birthday to you my sweet heart! May you grow strong, healthy and prosperous.

Dear Grandson! While you may have turned three today, you may understand the gravity of this message many years down the line and i.e. always believe in yourself.

On this third birthday, may the Lord Christ bestows all the shine and glory on my grandson. May he acquire immense success way beyond his expectations.

There is surreal happiness and gratitude when one looks at the expressions of their toddler grandsons. It has been a roller-coaster three years till now. Can’t wait for the future to unfold.

It’s not every day that my sweet, angelic grandson turns three today. May you always have three things in your life i.e. kindness, hard work, and unwavering faith.

I can challenge the divine if there is any other oldie in the universe who is happier than me today. All because of my cute little grandson, who has turned three today. I wish him all the best for the future.

Three years ago, you came down upon Earth through the blessings of the divine. It only seems yesterday that we heard your first cries, saw your first yawn and smile. It has been an unbelievable experience so far in three years. And my grandson, I am eagerly waiting for more prosperous and happy times, which lies ahead of us. Happy birthday cutie pie.