When you have little children at your home like your grandson, then every day is amazing, full of happiness and gratitude. And when it is his second birthday, then you really want to wish him the best birthday wish in order to keep happy memories of the event, both for yourself and for your grandson. In this post, we have prepared lots of second birthday wishes for your grandson. You will immensely enjoy reading them.

Hey cutie pie grandson. Congrats for turning two today. It has been two amazing years with you now and I feel so grateful to be blessed by someone like you. Happy 2nd birthday!

We are going to give you a special two year celebration and record this video to make you feel embarrassed when you will watch it in adulthood. Happy Birthday dear!

When a family has grandson like you, every day is a paradise to live, breathe and spend time with each other. Congrats for turning two sweet heart. You are destined for amazing success.

I could see an amazing cake with two adorable candles like that of my grandson. Happy second birthday sweet heart!

It doesn’t matter how hard a day it is for me or everyone in family, a cute little smile of my grandson rejuvenates us and makes us feel grateful of everything. May you always be smiling dear. HBD

Some things cannot be expressed with words. They can only be felt. And we all can sense the blessings of the divine and prosperity through your cute eyes grandson. We all wish you a mighty second birthday.

Dear Grandson! You may have turned second today but always know that your grandpa’s blessings will always be upon you for eternity. A very happy birthday!

Congrats for turning two today dear grandson. May you adopt lots of habits from your mommy and less habits from your daddy. May you always be biased towards your grandpa though. Lots of love!

I never knew that cuties as little as two year old hold so much emotional influence on great oldies like us. Your smile makes my day grandson. You are the cutest kid in the world. A very happy 2nd birthday to you.

Dear Grandson. You may have turned two today but you are way wiser, cuter, and adorable than your years. Tonight, your grandpa is gonna have a blast.

I must have done some amazing deeds in previous life to have been bestowed by such a lovely grandson. May the upcoming years of ours be full of joy, positivity and prosperity.

Life was amazing before our grandson came into our family. It now is heavenly, courtesy to the cutie munch pie. May every family get a grandson like you darling. Happy second birthday dear!

Not everyday is a birthday of a sweet, charming and angelic grandson. Happy 2nd birthday handsome boy!

I wish we could freeze this gorgeous moment and see yourself like a little cutie pie toddler. Happy Birthday to an ever smiling grandson. This 2nd birthday of yours is going to be amazing.