Every day, I think of my granddaughter, I feel how on Earth did we get so lucky! It seems only yesterday that you came into this world with your full pitch cries. Five years of joy and happiness have just flown by us. We couldn’t have asked for anything more from the divine. Happy fifth birthday to our cute little granddaughter.

Its the day when grandparents are gonna act like cute little toddlers, just like our granddaughter. You are the sweetest soul on this planet and adore you with all our heart and soul. This 5th birthday is going to be a blast. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

The mischievous birthday girl has her birthday today. Aww, we are so happy. Gonna bestow her with dolls, hugs and blessings. Happy Birthday Doll!

Yay! its the day that we all wait year long. The day when you opened your eyes for the first time. Time flies by. And now you are growing into a pretty kid, with all the emotional attributes that all family craves for in their girl. Happy Birthday my sweetheart! We love you to the moon and back!

Inspiring wishes for Granddaughter on fifth birthday

Hey dear! The world is full of all sorts of folks. Some will propel you to your desires and some will pull you down. It all boils down to the way you feel. On your 5th birthday, I pray sincerely that you be guided by the divine in all aspects of life. May you achieve your goals and visions. Happy Birthday!

Dear Grand daughter! Where there is a will, there is always a way! May you never give up what you truly desire because the divine has blessed you with all sorts of talents and abilities that you will ever use in this lifetime. Your job is to make the most of them in this lifetime. A very happy fifth birthday to you!