A very happy 6th birthday to my granddaughter. May all her wishes come true. You are the illumination that keeps us happy, and healthy. Love you with all our heart sweetheart.

The divine has been kind by bestowing us with a cute angelic granddaughter; the star around whom our lives revolve. May he give such an adorable granddaughter to every family. Happy sixth birthday to you dear!

Candies, cakes and gifts are going to be smashed around. The room is going to be filled with laughter and celebration because its the grand occasion of my lovely cutie-munchy pie grand daughter. A very happy sixth birthday to you dear.

When the divine was creating my granddaughter, he took immense consideration to make her kind, gorgeous, and altruistic. You are one gem of a girl my dear granddaughter. Mighty sixth birthday wishes for you. Love you to the moon and back.

May this sixth year bring in new teeth for my simply adorable grand daughter, so that the pretty girl can smile full wide mouth showing her pearly teeth. Happy Birthday dear!

Our girl is growing big and strong, just like her lovely grand parents. May she become taller, smarter and more gorgeous than her parents and grand parents. All the best wishes to you my girl. You are our heart!

The Almighty didn’t give us what we deserved but more than that. Six years ago, we were blessed with you. Seeing you grow up with all the smiles and sparkling eyes has been surreal in all these 6 years. We pray that you grow happy, healthy, and charming. May you achieve immense success in all your personal and professional endeavors sweetheart. Happy sixth birthday!

Hey cutie dear! Today is the day we were waiting for so long. Tonight, the party is going to be awesome along with the awesome gifts for my ever-awesome granddaughter. Ready for the long, joyous party? Happy 6th birthday to you dear!