There is unlikely any family in the world who does not cherish the birth of a baby girl. They are the special gifts from the Almighty. For someone in their old age, nothing could give them more happiness than the arrival of a granddaughter. Giving a heartwarming birth wish to her is nothing short of surreal. And we want those wishes to be nothing short of special.

And this is why we are writing down this post. Here you will find plenty of granddaughter birthday wishes, which we have written from the perspective of both Grand father and Grand Mother.

Happy birthday to the cutest girl who I am so proud to have in our family. Welcome aboard granddaughter. May you surpass all of us in terms of success, joy, and prosperity.

I never knew that the limits of happiness would be infinite. The birth of my granddaughter has made me felt like never before. Congrats to our son and my daughter-in-law for being a parent to our new granddaughter. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

Message to granddaughter from grandmother

Some things in life will always be cherished deeply. Like the birth of my granddaughter. I thank the divine for this awesome gift to our family. May she achieves all the success and happiness in her life. Welcome to the family my dear girl.

Dear Grand Daughter! The divine has blessed you with all the talents and skills. Your job is to make the most of them in this lifetime. It’s a joy when a baby girl comes into a family and we are excited for the future years that will unfold full of joy, vigor, and happiness.

The last couple of years has been an eventful one for all of us. But as they say, the Almighty gives happier times also. And that is exactly what it is today. We are immensely proud and beyond happy to welcome the birth of our granddaughter. We wish you a happy and prosperous life.

Birthday Images for Grand Daughter Birth