It is an awesome feeling to see a child grow from newborn to toddlers, into adolescents, and then into full adults. Blessed are the families where a granddaughter is born. When she completes her 3rd birthday, you get a nostalgia of her timeline and milestones right from when she arrived in this world. Her third birthday is a great time to relish the beauty, cuteness, and innocence of toddlers and give you a reason to think of only the good things in life. This post is a sincere attempt to provide you with cutie pie 3rd birthday quotes & wishes of your granddaughter.

Dear Grand Daughter! Congrats my child for completing the third year on this planet. We all love to the core and there is no hour that goes without thinking about your cute, angelic face, who would giggle every now and then and stare us into our eyes as if to give us a glimpse of the divine. A very happy third birthday to you sweetheart. Love you to the moon and back.

When good luck arrives, it comes in floods. That’s how it has been for us. Ever since our grand daughter has arrived in our family, life hasn’t been the same, and for the good. We have enjoyed immensely in all these three years and we cannot wait how much fulfilling life is going to be for our whole family. To my lovely grand daughter who has turned three today, I wish her immense luck, happiness and joy. May all her desires come to fruition.

As we grow old, we forgot what child like happiness is, which actually is the real happiness. If somebody would have asked us to be extremely happy and joyous in our late years, we may not have believed it then. But now, because of our eternal joy that our granddaughter gives us, we are beyond happy. She is the best thing that could have happened to us and these three years have been our happiest. We are beyond grateful to the divine for bestowing us with a granddaughter like you. On this third birthday, we wish you awesome good luck, hugs, kisses and everything, including gifts too. Happy birthday sweetie!

Nothing gives more rejuvenation to us oldies than the cute smile of our grand daughters. May every family be bestowed by such a marvel of divine. May you reach the pinnacle of joy, happiness and success my dear girl. Many many happy returns of the day on your third birthday.

Happy Birthday to an awesome grand daughter on her third birthday. May you always be playful, smiling. Full prayers of mine to the divine for your future success. Love you to the moon and back.

While we may have pain and aches at some or other parts of our body, just a mere glimpse of our innocent granddaughter is more than enough to melt our hearts and enliven our spirits. Congratulations on your third birthday my dear. You are doing very well for your age and I hope this message will be nostalgic later on, for both you and us. Happy third birthday dear!

May the best of life be bestowed upon our Grand Daughter. May her warmth, smile, and exuberance always be alive for eternity. You are a unique child of God my dear. May this 3rd birthday wish for her propel to great success in the coming months and years. Keep smiling my child. Lots of love!

It only seems yesterday that you came into our family with your full pitch cries and cute giggling. The moment we saw you, we knew that the divine has blessed us with something special. These three years have gone by like a breeze and we are lucky to relish all the goodness, cuteness, and kindness of you. Happy 3rd birthday to our lovely granddaughter. Lots of love sweetheart!

May this 3rd brings propels you to amazing joy, happiness, cuteness and every good thing that is there in the world. Happy Birthday dear Granddaughter. Congrats for turning three years old.