It is an awesome feeling when the young generations of your family are equipped with education and knowledge. If you see your grandkids completing their graduation, then you are one lucky individual. We know how special you feel about them completing their higher education and this is why we have come up with some awesome and special graduation wishes for your Grandson. We are sure you and your grandson will love it.

Seeing you, I get reminiscence of mine when I passed out. I wish you go on to achieve even bigger success than me. Congratulations!

Awesome wishes to my Grandson for completing the course of ……..(Course Name)……….. You have worked really hard for this. I hope this degree will play a big role in getting you good employment.

I always knew you would pass out with flying colors. Well done my boy (girl). I am so proud of you!

Congratulations on passing this huge milestone. The next challenges will test you even more but you have it in you to overcome them.

Heartiest congratulations to my grandson for finishing the graduation. You have made our family proud with this achievement. We are beyond happy that you have been able to achieve this feat. Many congrats to you dear. I am sure that corporate success is now not too far away for you.

With your passing from …….(name of university)………, I feel as if I have acquired the degree too. Seeing you graduate was one of longing wishes, and you have completed it. I thank you and congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.

Inspiring Congratulations wishes for Grandson

Hey Grandson! This graduation course has taught you that nothing worthwhile in life comes without hard work and patience. This is a wisdom that only could have been learned from pursuing your graduation. I feel so proud of you today. God bless you, dear!

Take all the credit you want Dear Grandson! You deserve every bit of it. Well done. You have brought so much honor to our family.

You have acquired a huge victory in your life. Whenever you feel down in the future, always remind yourself of this day when you work the hardest and won the battle.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And you my son, is one tough individual. I am happy beyond expectations. Education is the light that illuminates our path towards a better future. Many congratulations for it.

As grandparents, we have always wanted that our grandson will achieve higher education so that he could go on to become extremely successful. I feel immensely proud to be your grandparent. You have enabled me to walk with pride and with my head held high. I wish you great success in your future.

The beauty of life is always in the journey and not in staying at the destination. You have achieved a great feat and I wish you will go to achieve great success in your corporate life.

Sweet graduation messages

You have done what I wasn’t able to do my dear grandson. God bless you and I hope you will go on to achieve insane amount of success in the business world.

My Grandson has done the unthinkable. I never thought someone in our family would be able to acquire the higher education. You are the first one to do it and am glad you passed out with flying colors. Heartiest congratulations to my grandson for passing the graduation. You deserved it dear!

Funny messages to Grandson about Graduation

Seeing you pass with amazing numbers, I feel as if I have achieved this deed. After all, you couldn’t have arrived in this world without me.

While you have certainly done some mistakes in life, this great achievement has overcome all of them. I congratulate you my dear

Hey Grandson. Seeing your lifestyle and way of study, I never thought you would be able to obtain this degree. But kudos to you. You proved me wrong and that’s something.

You are now officially more educated than me. Many Congrats my handsome.