It is an awesome feeling to be in love. It rejuvenates you and makes you feel valuable and worthy in life. Needless to say, that one person who is your lover, can make you smile and happy irrespective of the circumstances. While everyone wishes their Girl Friend or Boyfriend on their day, if you want to stand out and be special to your lover, then you should give advanced birthday wishes. This post is all about those lovely wishes to your lover in advance along with some nice images. Do share them with your partner.

Happy Birthday in advance to the most handsome man in the world. Moments with you fly by my love. On this birthday, we are going to have a blast. Awaiting your birthday. Good Day!

I am sending you wishes in advance for your birthday. But don’t think it comes for free my love. You will of course have to wine and dine like never before. HBD in advance

I was testing my vocabulary skills and therefore thought of writing you the advanced wishes on your birthday. I will of course be testing the vocabulary on your actual birthday date 😊

Why keep happiness stored for just one day of birthday celebrations! Why not let it flow in advance! HBD to my gorgeous love from heaven. And don’t worry, I am not going to forget the real date of the birthday.

There are few dates in a year where I feel overly excited, and rightly so because the birthday is of my man. My love makes me happy, sexy, and desirable. A very happy birthday in advance. Can’t wait for the birthday to come and celebrate.

While your birthday only comes once a year, I feel grateful to the divine every day for having you in my life. The way you make feel is unparalleled. Love you to the core dear! Lots of birthday wishes to you in advance. Can’t wait to see you on your birthday.

BoyFriend Advanced Birthday Wishes

Just one day is not enough to celebrate the birthday of my shining star. You make me enliven with your charm, charisma, and intelligence. I hope our journey goes on forever. Happy Birthday in advance

Legends say that you wish someone in advance with whom you are desperately in love. And that is true. I love my baby! And this is why these advanced wishes are just the tip of the iceberg of my love for him. Let birthday come, and then we are going to celebrate in a big way!

Its so hard that special days like yours’s birthday don’t come everyday. And this is why I am pouring my love to you on this advanced birthday wish.

Sometimes, I wonder how I was able to get a guy like you. Smart, worthy and handsome. Then I realized I am also a dime too.😜 And that you salivate for me every day of the year😂 And I too. So happy birthday in advance my gorgeous guy. Can’t wait to shower you with hugs and kisses on your birthday.

Romantic birthday wish image in Advance for Boyfriend

You are God’s gift to me. A man born with a purpose, and a wise head who certainly knows how to keep his woman happy in all sorts.😋 Your birthdays rejuvenate me because I know that you will be taking me out for wonderful wine and dinner 😂. Advance Birthday by the way. Be prepared for a wild gift on your actual birthday.

Your birthday always reminds me of the nostalgia of the times when we started our relation. You are probably the only one of whom I celebrate the advance birthday also because you are special, adorable and cute and I love you to the core. Can’t wait for your birthday to arrive. As of now, happy birthday in advance.

Love is the binding force that keeps us together
Love is the desire that makes me feel altogether 🙂
May our journey be filled with laughter, love, and ecstasy
May you surpass all your expectations of success, Honey 😊
Happy Birthday in Advance Dear

The world would be nicer, peaceful and more lovable if there would be more people like my lover. May our relationship survive the ebbs and flow and fused together for eternity. I give you my sincere wishes of birthday in way advance of your birthday. May I don’t forget your actual birthday.

Its just 1 day to go for your birthday and the level of excitement is unbelievable. Shows how connected our hearts are. While this is just an advance wish, I am sure that your birthday will be memorable this time, owing to me of course and you😊. For now, Happy Advance birthday wishes

Sometime we may fail lose to realize the value of our partner during crisis. Occasions like that of birthday reminds us how grateful we are to have such supporting people in our life. While your birthday may be tomorrow, I can’t stop myself to express my infinite love for you my love. A very happy birthday to you in Advance. Do anticipate a real wild celebration on your birthday of course.

To my Greek God lover, I would rather be very early in wishing rather than forgot and be late. So a happy wish of birthday in advance to you. But don’t worry I will not forget your real birthday date of course. And if I do, then do remind me of course.

I have been fortunate enough to been with someone who is brought the best out of me. May each day of our morning be together and every night be filled with passion. In great great advance, let me wish you a cheerful birthday my love. Waiting desperately for your birthday to arrive.

Your birthday is just one day away, but you deserve thousands of wishes and love on your birthday which won’t be possible in a single day. And therefore, all I can think of is to send you warm wishes of birthday in Advance. May all your dreams, desires and wishes come true my love.

My Love Birthday Wishes Advance Image