The world is changing today and we are living in times where people are willing to have friends with whom they can enjoy certain benefits. We feel as long as there is trust, honesty, and transparency, it’s a win-win situation to have a friend with benefits relationship. Whether you are a guy or girl, if your FWB partner has a birthday today, then you will find plenty of birthday wishes for him or her in this post. We have also arranged a few images for a happy birthday for your FWB. We hope you will like it.

It is amazing relation that we both enjoy with mutual consent. We are lucky to have found each other and I am sure we are going to have plenty of blasts in the coming days, weeks, and months, if not years. Happy Birthday to my wonderful FWB.

Happy Birthday to the one who has rocked my nights like never before. May the activity continues for many more years.

Some things in life cannot be expressed with words. They can only be conveyed through actions and we have conveyed many of them through you know what I mean. May the exercise continues.

It is for real that the moments with you are heavenly and full of pleasure. And I know for a certain, that I give the same to you as well. But your kindness, helpfulness is what makes you appealing to me. Happy Birthday to an awesome Friend with Benefit. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The perks of having you are beyond what I can describe. No matter how bad my day is, few moments spent with you whitewash my brain, spirit and enlivens me. You make me feel desired and I truly feel that you are one hell of a fantastic individual. On this birthday, I wish you tons of wishes and good luck my friend with benefits.

In this ever-changing world of varying different needs of our bodies, I have certainly someone with whom I can share the same wavelength on many levels, including the physical and emotional ones. You are cool, amazing and I know that no day of mine is going to be bad in the end, no matter what happens.😂 A very happy birthday.

Birthday Message for male friend with benefits

Male Friend with Benefits Birthday wish

It doesn’t matter that our goals, visions, and thinking process are different. Our one common interest explodes when we both are together in bed. And that’s what really matters to me, and I am sure to you also. Happy Birthday to my great FWB guy. I am sure we will rock it for many many more months, if not years.

It takes a wise head apart from the good looks itself to attract a dime like me 😊 I am sure you are having the time of your life with me and I am certainly having it myself. Your level of kindness, integrity, and honesty is hard to find these days in guys. We are going to have an amazing time in the coming days. Happy Birthday to the handsome Friends with Benefits Guy.

Some of the best nights of my life have been with you. May the fun continues and may the divine bestows you with all the success in your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Birthday.

Some things in life can not be expressed with words but by actions only 😂 And I am so grateful to have a sensible guy who keeps things with no strings attached and gives me all sorts of pleasure. Happy Birthday to one hell of an FWB guy. The perks of you are too many.

Naughty birthday wishes for your FWB

If rejuvenation would have a human name, it would be yours. The fun and excitement with you are always through the roof. May you continue to make me wow. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

It is rightly said that when the going gets, the tough gets really going, even if that means, in other areas of our life. Having you as a partner is great relieving of day’s stress, both mental and physical. Even though this is the friends with benefits relationship, the companionship and the time spent with you will always be cherished by me. Happy Birthday to you. May our friends with benefits continue for a long time.

Should I wish my FWB a happy birthday?

If you enjoy a platonic relationship with your friends with a benefits partner, there is absolutely wrong in wishing him/ her a good happy birthday. Wishing anyone a birthday is an act of kindness and not of intimacy alone. It is very likely that you will share a great, cheerful, and egoless dynamics with your friend with your benefits partner, and therefore, wishing him/her the naughtiest happy birthday is only going to enhance the FWB experience of both of you. Therefore, we say, go ahead and wish him/her.

How to say happy birthday to your FWB?

Happy Birthday to a good-looking, charming and kind person. The one who turns me on both emotionally and physically. Our FWB relationship is one of its kind and I am grateful to the divine to have you for enjoying the intimacy without any strings attached or pressure. Kudos to being such a wonderful lover. A very happy birthday to you!