Happy Birthday to an amazing woman who brought an amazing son into this world. You are smart, gorgeous and there is everything that I love about you. You have raised a truly magnificent son and I wish that there be more mothers like you in this world. Lots of love.

It takes an amazingly strong woman to raise an amazing daughter. I am so happy that you are her mother and I wish every mother in this world be like you. Supportive, full of enthusiasm, and cheerful. Happy Birthday to my future mother-in-law.

One may not be able to learn everything from their parents and this is why the great mothers-in-law are so important. Your son is so proud to have a mother like you who worked tremendously hard. The world would be amazing men if there would be more mothers like you. Hopefully, seeing things the way are going, you will be future mother-in-law. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Happiness is when your going to be mother in law shares same frequency and wavelength with your thoughts, likings and opinions. I am so eager to be your daughter in law. Happy Birthday to you dear!