Spontaneity is always a valuable skill in every aspect of life even if it is used to say thank you in a funny way. While a generic thank you message is nice, a funny thank you message really brings a smile to the recipient. Here in this post, we have lots of Thank you funny Quotes, sayings, and ways to your friends and even colleagues.

You came in handy in more ways than I expected. Our friendship share price has gone higher certainly.

I am doing a naked dance right now for your help. Thanks a ton

You always say that you want to help isn’t it. I have many opportunities which are lined up for you. Thanks for the last one by the way.

If I was a homo, I would have married you without blinking an eye.

There is something about you that relaxes me and my behind so much that poop comes out softly.

If there was anyone who is the height of awesomeness, it is you, after me ofcourse. Hehe!!

You have earned so many Karma points by helping me out. May you continue the good deed.

The time to say thank you would be equal (or more) than the time you took before coming to help me.

You should be awarded Nobel Prize for what you did for me.

Even my mother don’t think too much of me unlike you.

You helped a ton and I am gonna repay it with a lovely message. You thought about dinner didn’t you.

You coming up for help at this time is like lending the right underwear to me with the perfect fitting. That’s show sacred this help to me.

Perfect Funny thank you saying

Your heart is certainly bigger than my ***k.

You are like the free therapist that every friend needs.

Sometimes, silence is the best way to convey thank you.

God will certainly reward you for helping a talented individual like me to prosper.

I am pooping right now but suddenly realized I have to thank you for the help. Some time isn’t it.

You have done a right investment by helping a friend like me. Your return on investment would be very high, may be in next lifetime.

Thank you in funny way

I certainly owe you a million dollars in virtual reality for what you did for me.

Thanks for instilling persistence in my skull that has always made me lookup to you for help.

You deserve a champagne bottle straight to your head for coming to help me so late.

Your help certainly came in handy but I still would have made it though!

You are absolutely awesome, not more than me though! Thanks for the sudden help

Quotes Funny Thank You 

Sometimes, a kick from our best mate is the best way to drag our **s to completion of targets.

The time that you helped me was difficult as the ***t that refuses to come out from behind no matter how hard you try.

If God would have awarded my a dollar everytime I took your help, I would have been a billionaire by now.

A best friend is one who doesn’t bail you out from the trouble but becomes a participant too.

Whatever you did for me, I thank you from every cell and organ of my body.