It isn’t an easy thing to be visibily angry when someone tries to interfere in our lives. Curiosity at times gets the better of people and compels them to ask things beyond for which they are permitted through our non-verbal clues and verbal communication. Instead, diplomatic and funny answers to convey mind your own business seems a responsible method. This post contains uniquely crafted funny answers that screams mind your own business to the two tribes that are notorious to know about other’s private affairs; Colleagues and yes you guess it right, Relatives! So without any further ado, lets get started!

Oh you want to know about it? Don’t worry. I will get it published in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Are you going to do naked dance for it? If Yes, then I might tell you.

This isn’t a lone job. You need to have a team in order to get to know about it.

You have to get me drunk in order to let you know about it!


If you must know, the live updates about my life are permanently disabled.

You need to Stay off my cloud Pal!

I don’t want to skyrocket your BP by telling about it.

Your audacity to ask it straight from me is commendable!

This matter is opened for discussion only on the condition that you are 100 meteres away!

You want to be the co-pilot of my life. Atleast, be the pilot of your own life first!

So you are the angle that God has sent to me to resolve my problems.

Only I have the privilege access to my life affairs.

Your gorgeousness decreases when you mind other’s people business.

I ain’t that easy. You can get to know about it from someone else.

You have to get me drunk in order to know it from me.

My story isn’t glamorous or aristocratic like your’s I guess.

I guess you need to hire a private detector in order to know that aboutme.

You not only say a lot but also ask a lot.

I need you to stop contributing to my migraine.

Your curiosity levels has breahed the allowed levels.

Funny Sarcastic Reply To colleagues to mind their own business

Lets start a good day by minding about our own businesses.

Where do you get so much energy in the world to know all about me?

Why discuss boring things?

You are lucky that am in good mood right now therfore, I am going to just shoo you away!

Until and unless you are wining and dining me out to my favourite restaurant, I am keeping my lips tight!

I don’t like to prostitute my life.

I hope this is not an audition for Sherlock Holmes Junior!

You need to install a stopper on your questioning don’t you?

Hmm. My brain’s cyber sense can smell a virus nearby!

Its dangerous to swin in the water of curiosity.

I have only one CEO of my life and that is me, myself and I.

I salute you for showing more concern for me than my wife and mother combined.

I wonder what you will achieve by knowing that? A promotion?

Pharma companies need to bring up with a tablet so that people could mind their own business.

I will tell you everything only if you promise to forget it all after 5 minutes. Accept?

Alright. Lets sign an agreement. You mind my business and I will mind your’s. Agree!

Well Luckily, you aren’t my Boss!

Your quote for receiving my nice behaviour is about to get exhausted.

Do you want me to install a camera for you to see everything about me?

Don’t worry. I will also let you know before making love to my partner.

Thank you so much for sounding like a guardian!

I hope you put in this much persistence while doing your work also.

Even God will run out of exhaustion in answering your queries.

Perfect Reply Meaning Mind your Own Business to Relatives

Are you planning to sell that information? Because if you do, I need a commission!

I will tell you only when you close your ears.

I guess I don’t need God but you to be near me during difficult times!!!

Are you on a leave today for minding your own business?

I have found your nose. It’s in my business again!

Why do you always enquire matters for which you cannot be invited!!!

You would have to sell your kidney in order to know that.

You are the life coach that I may not need right now.

After God created you, he said, Oh Shit!

If you dream about me, asking every possible thing, I would not be surprised.

Its dangerous to explore territories belonging to other individuals.

I am deeply honored to receive so much interest and attention from you!

I am going to sponser you for a wonderful course. Its called “Mind your Own Business.”

I guess being the author of own life, only I should have the privlidge to know everything about it.

Your nose is getting bigger invisibly and I can see it poking into other’s lives.

I admire your guts for an attempt into my privacy.

Please participate in bidding contest in order to gain access to know all about my wonderful life.

I really admire your persistence. I wish I had that too in my work.

You had your medicine today in the breakfast?

Are you on a payroll as a detective for someone?

The day may be good today but definitely not so lucky for you that I let you know everything.

I want to crown you jack of all trades and master of all trades too!

I think you were God in the previous lifetime. I could see shades of that!

Appropriate Savage Replies to convey Mind your Own Business Related to Finances

I don’t blame you. If I were you, I too would have enquired about me!

Are you going to reward me a million for telling about it?

May you give rest today to your over-inquisite mind.

You may not know many things but your surely knows how to raise my BP. Isn’t it!

Do you know a golden secret? Everytime someone mind their own business, their cells become younger by 24 hours.

Even If I tell you, you won’t be able to understand it.

Apt replies to convey Mind your Own Business for Finance matters

Have you ever heard the phrase that somethings are sacred?

If there would have been an Oscar for minding other’s business, you would have won dozens of it by now!

My respect and love for you is more than the desire to kick your behind and shut you up for good.

You always make me more alert. I am so thankful for such!

If you would be paid for enquiring so much, you would have been a billiionaire by now!

I admire your persistence really to know it all about me!