If words could make it or break it (which they indeed do), then you would be very selective in choosing the right word for the receiver. While everyone can reply with a simple “Thank you”, it takes bit of creativity to reply with a humorous and witty Thank you Reply, especially for the birthday wishes they sent to you. If you are looking for such funny and creative replies for the birthday wishes, then you have come to the right place.

It’s awesome to see you travel so far for the free birthday cake and awesome party. I thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart for the wishes dear.

I don’t know how to say thank you for the birthday wishes you sent me from Google and Facebook. It’s been heartwarming to read them over a zillion times!

Your funny wishes brought out a loud giggle. I thank you immensely for making me laugh like an idiot in a long time.

Because of people like you, my FB timeline seems filled. May you keep sending me some more appropriate wishes from time to time.

I was expecting you to cross the mountains and oceans to come and wish me a happy birthday. But a wish from WhatsApp will also do.

Seeing your copy paste message for me, I now feel that its not a shame anymore to send duplicate messages with the name edited.

I know how hard it is to see notifications on Facebook and then wish someone. Very energy taxing activity. I thank you sincerely for doing it!

I wasn’t expecting a birthday wish from your end. You proved that you are not an egomaniac anymore. Lots of love and thank you.

Thank you for reminding me how old I am becoming.

Very well thank you for not only wishing me a birthday but also displaying your vocabulary prowess.