For many people, its a mundane habit to ask “What are you doing?”. While the standard replies could be many, interesting and funny answer gives a reason for laughter. There could be plenty of scenarios to give a funny response related to “What are you doing” phrase and this post aims to provide the best funny answers for it.

Funny Response To “What Are you Doing” (Related to Social Media)

  1. Doing the necessary formality of liking all the newest updates of my facebook friends.
  2. Finding a way to become the new age influencer without actually knowing about the niche.
  3. Figuring out the best profile picture for Tinder which will get more replies.
  4. Collecting all the fake user accounts and their passwords to login on Facebook.
  5. Creating notes of the common abbreviations used in social media university.
  6. Finalizing names of friends who are ready to transition into my enemy list from now on.
  7. Fighting my urges very hard to not start another netflix episode.
  8. Reading a book titled “How to tolerate low IQ people for Dummies”.

Unique Funny Replies to What are You Doing

  1. Working on my habit to do less back bitching.
  2. Busy sending friend requests to pretty ladies who are unknown.
  3. Conducting a survey to see how many times my mother curse my father in one day.
  4. Finding new ways to survive the rest of the years of my marriage.
  5. I am finding new reasons to let my wife watch the baseball final this weekend.
  6. Calculating the odds of wife finding out about my surprise party for her. The results shows 100% in her favour.
  7. Decoding the secret language of my wife’s various facial expressions with the help of Google.
  8. Brainstorming the common food to cook for the dinner. We are very close to reaching the agreement.
  9. Conducting a polling vote for my cells as to what they want to eat tonight!
  10. Practicising new ways to look at hot women from the corner of my eyes without getting caught by Wife.
  11. Planning a family reunion of my dogs, their sons and grandkids!
  12. Finding solutions to the Algebra Questions which my nephew has assigned me to complete for her.
  13. Watching my dog chase his own tail.
  14. Busy saying “Hmm” to my grandfather’s phone call where he is determined to take me back to the history of stone ages.
  15. Preparing strong argument points for the DC vs Marble debate with my niece.
  16. I am in the midst of explaining the function of NetFlix and Amazon Prime to my grandparents without causing a scandal.
  17. Currently am playing the role of Family Tech Support to repair PC of aunt Marie!

WorkPlace Related Funny Replies to “What are you Doing” Phrase

  1. I am practising the art of monk behaviour in order to irritate my colleagues.
  2. Calculating the exact angle of my office chair to play games comfortably when the manager is not around.
  3. Practicing dancing around the deck as the annual office party is only few weeks away.
  4. I am finding the origin of the fault for which I am getting blamed in the office.
  5. I am improving my coffee to productivity ratio during the 9 – 5 work hours.
  6. Thinking of ways to appear more busy than I am actually is!
  7. Digging grave for my manager. Would you like to join!
  8. Searching for high-paying sleeping jobs.

How to reply a Hilarious Answer to What are you doing phrase?

  1. Deleting all my adult history on Chrome and also searching for similar files on Laptop to remove them.
  2. I am under intense training for the Napping Olympics. Its real difficult feat to master.
  3. I am currently locked horns with my 52 inches TV on who will give up first to go to sleep.
  4. Learning dog language in order to communicate with my relatives!
  5. Doing Kegels in order to give a mind-blowing performance tonight!
  6. Doing cleaning work ….of my email box. It is as important as home cleaning.
  7. Practising the morse code by staring at my Labrador retriever. He is busy with his chewing stick.
  8. Searching for free download links of the new netflix show.
  9. Adding hobbies to my CV which now includes “Killing mosquitoes with the mosquito racket”
  10. Preparing new diplomatic ways of kicking Arse of my colleagues.
  11. Finding latest updates about my ex girlfriend!
  12. Attempting to lure my cat into the pet house without getting bitten.
  13. Seeing Wifi signals on my computer and trying to decode their owners.
  14. Practising puppy faces that may come to rescue when I get caught for a mistake in the office.
  15. Trying to teach my labrador some few tricks. Meanwhile it looks like he has taught me some new lessons like how to bark in order to train a dog.
  16. I am a preparing a list of urgent excuses of leaves for important days.
  17. Googling how to make a happy wife happier.
  18. Engaged in a top secret plan which will pave exits of my manager from this organization. Sssh! Don’t tell anyone!
  19. I am on a mission to set the guiness book of world records for the longest procastination.
  20. Practising my detective skills to check about new episodes that Netflix has recently added to horror crime web series. Its really important skill in today’s time.
  21. Right now am reading your message!
  22. I am working on my book “The interesting life of a procastinator.”
  23. Sharpening my skills to read my own mind. Oh Gosh, what am I thinking right now!
  24. Working on a memoir titled “How to conquer world while couch sitting? “
  25. I am currently engaged in a heated battle with my Labrador. He is quite the opinionated, just like his owner.
  26. Researching newer ways of stalking people.
  27. Revolutionizing the art of desk-sitting and social media scrolling.
  28. Digging grave for you! Would you like to come and help?
  29. Strategizing how to convert enemies into dead bodies!
  30. Watching Big Bang Theory! It surely count as research right.
  31. Engaged in the battle to either do or skip my to do list.
  32. I am on on the verge of losing my mind. Care to help!