When your friend or aquaintance commits a mistake and ask for your forgiveness, you can respond with more than one way. If the gravity of the mistake is well-within your expectation, you can choose to respond with a funny reply to an Apology or sorry. A bit of humor and sarcasm response not only keeps the tension at bay but also conveys the message about the severity of the mistake. This post has plenty of uniquely crafted funny responses for apology to different people. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

A person like you needs a special vaccine in order to not repeat this mistake again.

Even If I get to piss on you, I will still not feel content with your sorries.

You have made me realized that whenever the shit goes down, we are all alone.

You are a big threat for the peace of mind of any organization. There should be anti-viruses for folks like you.

Its ok. But your second chance will surely come in the next lifetime only.

Who is this person?

If you would have followed my advice, we wouldn’t have been in this mess.

Oh really! I forgot about that after I dreamt of smashing you left, right and center. All is fine here!

Aplogies will only be accepted after giving a wild party tonight!


Even God would be banging his head after seeing what you have done!

I must have done some really bad deeds in my previous life that I suffered from your mistake.

I only accept sorry from people at higher up than me.

If you do it next time, you are going to feel real sorry for yourself!

An antidote for your petty mistakes can never be made.

I forgive you but I will never forget you!

I thought pigs are the most retarded beings and then when I saw your blunder, I realized how wrong I was about the poor pigs.

You don’t have to say sorry here. You need to do it on a notarized paper with stamp duty.

If you will say sorry again, I am going to bite you like anything.

You don’t need forgiveness, you need two solid kicks on your soft behind.

If you repeat this mistake next time, you will get spank!

As long as you don’t show your face for a month, everything will become fine.

Funny Hilarious responses to Girl’s sorry and Apology


I hope the stress of this fiasco has not impacted your looks in any way.

Please don’t say sorry. Continue spending your brain on Instagram feeds.

Only temporary apology is available at this moment. For the permanent one, the cooling period is 1 year.

By the time I would have forgiven, you still wouldn’t have understood the gravity of the error that you made.

The terms and conditions for your apology acceptance has been updated. Please refer to the guidelines from divine.

Sometimes, we win, and at other times, we trust a cute blond!

Apologize to me when I am drunk or dead. May be you will have a chance then!

Well your ideas and opinions got us cooked real bad.

The idiot was me, who trusted you to do this job.

I have no interest in giving you another chance.

Instead of wasting my time, go to your boyfriend and cry your heart out.

Keep barking and I will not be listening.

If there would be Oscars for the best liars, you would certainly win it.

I want to forgive you by giving a hard kick between your legs.

My heart feels sorry for you but my middle finger is saying something else.

Its ok. I ain’t angry on you. Afterall, how could I expect animals to perform like humans.

I am sorry but I will be cursing you for the rest of this life.

Even God would not be able to convice me to forgive you. Please contact the Almighty.

Put that apology paper inside your back.

Thanks for ruining my trust in you.

You are exactly what I thought about you. Good looking, charismatic and dumb as ***k.

Satan! Not today please.

Please apologize in your next lifetime.

Please write it 20 more times and I may reconsider forgiving you.

You have to do a naked dance and then I may consider.

Only God and angels can forgive you and I am none of them.

What do you need from me at this very moment?

You are not eligible to ask for forgiveness for your silly mistakes.

Legends have said that the best way to aplogize is to gift someone their favourite thing. I hope I have made some sense.

Your quotas for sorry have been exhausted for this life.

You are already on your way out of my life. Peace!

Luckily I am blessed with 6th, 7th, and 8th sense to spot bullshit coming across seas, oceans and continents.

I am so glad that you realized but not so glad to forgive you for the dreaded mistake.

Your apology will be accepted but you have to be invisible from now on.

Please don’t. Because you don’t have to do it. Because it will make no difference.

Its alright. I wasn’t expecting anything other also.

Ok. Apart from including sorry, please also mention that you are dumber than you think.

The price of earning a forgiveness has gone high. I will say 500$ due to more demand and very less supply.

The waiting period to earn apology for this kind of mistake is 1 year. I hope you can wait till then.

Apology accepted with Funny Reply


Your so charming that even your mistakes are not making feel miserable. May I never have any more friend like you!

I am able to forgive you for the only reason that we survived the dreaded accident.

I am good at hiding my anger but the next time, I promise that I will explode like a volcano.

Your apologies will be accepted only via PayPal.

Well, everything can be sorted out after two bottles of beer. Isn’t it?

A long time has elapsed, since I was fascinated by something, until your deed arrived!!!

Apologies in the form of kicks to you would be ok? Because that’s the only way we can do that.

Well, that seriously hurted me at the very sensitive places.

Don’t worry. It isn’t your mistake. I blame my stupid judgement.

No worries. But I am aware that you are going to repeat this mistake again very soon.

Well, I never thought you are even dumber than my pet. Anyways hope you will be more careful next time.