Often people have a tendency to ask “How was your Weekend” on Monday! While you could give the conventional answer, instead use the funny replies that will induce a laughter or the chuckle at the very least. Use the below crafted hilarious replies whenever someone asks you about your weekend.

Oh. It was great. I tried my best to break the world record of maximum Netflix binging. I am quite sure I came second.

The weekend was like the computer program with infinite loop : really long, unsure and couldn’t find where I got stuck!

I challenged my reflection to a staring contest. Needless to say, I lost before the reflection!

I replenished my social life battery by thinking about my old friends who don’t have the time now to pick my call.

I tried to be the fastest typist over the weekend. The only thing I got successful at is being the fastest presser of the delete button.

I had a techtastic weekend and deleted all my browsing history.

I was successful in raising my testosterone levels by 0.1 percent.

Hilarious Sarcastic Response when someone asks how was your weekend

It was certainly better than the way you asked about it.

It was a weekend of me giving a peptalk to my future self!

The weekend was really exciting that I need a day off in order to recover.

I tried juggling the oranges but now my kitchen went from white marble to citrus explosion!

My weekend was surely like the windows update: Slow, and unpredictable. I really didn’t know whether any improvement was made or not!

I caught-up on much needed rest. I don’t remember which year it is, but I am atleast well-rested.

Got into a competition with my TV on who will sleep first. Unfortunately, I lost!

The weekend was like the roller-coaster ride with plenty of sleep, sleep and sleep. Needless to say but I became the champions at Naplympics.

I found a lost civilization under my bed after I cleaned my room. It was a sight to behold.

I tried to teach my dogs a few tricks but now he has learnt how to shoo me away whenever I try to teach him something.

I took a course in procastination and realized that I am already a master at it.

I saw plenty of documentaries on couch potatoes. It was a enlightening experience to say the least.

I am time travelled and saw my future self which was more lazy and proscinating.

Well, I tried to teach my cat to breakdance, but it turns out he’s more of a purr-breaker than a breakdancer. So, it was a pretty hilarious weekend.

The Saturdays and Sundays were too great. I almost forgot that today is Monday.

The weekend was a breath of fresh air because I went out in the morning to inhale plenty of fresh air.

I taught some tricks to my Gold Fish. He can now do the hali as well as full flip.

Had a heated debate with my toaster as to how to toast the bread even better.

My Saturday and Sunday were the romantic comedy but without any actual romance or comedy.

I became a professional sleeper on this weekend. Completed my quota of sleep during that time.

I had a chat with my fridge. It seems cold-hearted.

I tried to learn my Dog Language. He replied that I better not to try to become a genius way out of my league.

My Dog and I had a lengthy discussion and we came to the agreement that I need to fart less around my dog.

Funny Response Related to Habits when asked How was your Weekend

I made all my FB friends happy over the weekend by liking their updates!

I am so fascinated by computer machines that I learnt binary code on the weekend.

The weekend was cooler than the Antarctic region, thanks to the never-ending supply of cold drinks and beer from the fridge.

I organized a surprise party for my friends. The bigger surprise was that no one was able to make it!

I practised my love-making skills on the pillow. The bed is broken in half which suggest that my skills are perfectly caliberated.

I attempted a hibernation marathon and needless to say, I was very successful at that!

The weekend was so refreshing that I am sure I will not need a deodrant for atleast a month!

The weekend was amazingly refreshing that even the water bottles asked for the autographs!

To say that I had a club-tastic weekend would be an understatement.

I made an effort to improve my silent helium release when people are around me in the office.

I was invited to the ‘Invisible Friends Club’ on this weekend. They’re fantastic but they never pick up the tab.

My Dog gave me a superpower to sniff any food item in the room even if it is hidden!

I made a decision to channel my inner Picasso on the entire weekend and painted my entire room. As expected, I was dissappointed later to even think about it!

I ordered a cake which was so rich (with Cholocate and nuts) that even Bill Gates Dmed me out of jealously.

I tried to break the world record of longest fart. I reached my personal best for sure.

The Saturdays and Sundays were the piece of cake. I literally ate two of them on each day.

I had a sip of amazing vodka that I learnt five new languages. but unfortunately, I don’t remember any of them.

The weekend was like a fine wine. Really good with ageing and in excessive quantities.

I discovered a new effective way of getting my room rid of cockroaches and ants i.e. by releasing my fart!

The bath was so hot that I think I have discovered a new geothermal source.

I tried to break the world record for the most donuts consumed in one sitting. The result? A deep-fried sense of accomplishment.

I released the pent-up farts this weekend with utmost joy.