Humor is one of the key elements of a lively chat. The ability to inject it in a conversation without being overtly funny is refreshing. Often people tend to wish other’s with “Have a Good Day” and there are standard responses which sounds more of like a formality. Instead, you can come up with Funny Replies that not only ends the conversation on a happy note but also paves way for lively discussions for the next time.

Send me the Good Day and I will surely have it.

Yes. Wife going to her parents for few days. What more could I ask for!!

Teach me how to have it!

Only if you don’t blame me for your mistakes and don’t assign me for an urgent task.

Thanks! I will make sure that even my spreadsheets would be doing the happy dance!

For real or for formality only?

Really? What’s the prize money in store?

That’s my speciality.

A Challenge that I accept whole-heartedily.

The button of on and off for it lies with the girlfriend.

Hilarious Responses to Have a Good Day

Only if I get into trouble and be able to get out of it without a mess.

For that I would have to go to Mars and fetch it.

If its available on the Amazon, I will buy it immediately without the EMI ofcourse.

I wish you the same. But if you find one such laying around, parcel it to me.

Good days are expensive as Gold these days and rare as the gorgeous women with a brilliant mind.

Yes, am digging grave for you! Thanks for wishing!

I will surely have a good day if you will have a f***ed up one today!!

I am going to have a blast that even you will be jealous of wishing me!

I am sure will have it as I am planning chaos in the office today!

Good Day, Bad day means the same. As long as it ends with ***k day , I am all good!

Funny Sarcastic Response to Have a Good Day

Its on my To do List for three years but thanks for reminding me!

Yes, only if my Labrador learns to bark instead of wagging tail to the neighbours!

I will need a secretary to do that!

No Way! I don’t want to make me manager jealous!

Thanks! I will avoid any plans to murder my colleagues!

I am gonna try my best but promises are not guaranteed at all.

Its a** kicking day today!

And I wish your day be as smooth as the penguine sliding on the ice, ofcourse without the belly flops.

Yeah. We need to have a national holiday in the name of it.

Its not a good day. Its a ***k day today!

I will. After back bitching about my ex.

I don’t take orders from anyone but thanks for your concern!

Tell me where its being sold and I will go and buy one. For you as well!

No! For that I would have to lick the manager’s ***. I rather stay grumpy!

I am having it. Its about to get complete!

I don’t want to!!!!

If I have it, party is on tonight!

No! I won’t ! What will you do?

Come here and I will surely have one!

Yeah Yeah. As if am God isn’t it!

Yup. Thanks for the formality.

I was having it until your message came. Lol!