It is quite common for people to tell you “God Bless You” after a disagreement. This is often the way of expressing the frustration because of your disagreement to their views and opinions during the conversation. While the statement “God Bless you” may appear to express noble good intent but it does evoke some emotion, mainly of anger.

At times, people do say “God Bless you” as a way of showing gratitude towards you for helping them. In such scenario, you can always come up with a sweet reply of “Thank you Sir / Mam”.

However, when someone taunts you with that statement “God Bless You”, you could either swallow your pride and remain silent or you could come up with a funny and sarcastic reply for it. Coming up with them is often challenging but worry not because we have crafted some really special replies for such situations. that will catch them off-guard.

Cultural significance of God Bless you?

Across many cultures, it was (and still) widely believed that sneezing could be a sign of some unfortunate arrival. This is why people often say “God Bless You” when someone sneezes. However, today folks often utter this phrase as casual funny reply whenever someone sneezes. Lets get down to some amazing funny replies for this phrase.

Funny Authentic Replies for God Bless You

Really? You are praying God for my benefit? That’s a surprise for sure, and a hearty one. : – A Sarcastic message but in a light-hearted tone. You can use this reply on someone who you do not like personally.

How come the sun is rising from the west today? : – This funny reply is perfect for your critiques, for your crush and also for someone with whom you do not get along.

May it bless you more even more! : – A perfect ouch reply for someone who you hate to the core.

I truly deserve blessings for bearing torturous people. : – Simple words that reflect your repulsive feeling for that particular individual.

I surely don’t need the divine intervention for sneezing. Thanks for the wish though! : May be a harsh reply but perfect for someone who keeps on nagging you.

May you always be in his presence.

You’re too kind, but let’s reserve the blessings for more important achievements, like remembering to charge my phone.

Agree. I wish God bless me, the already perfect one.

Thanks for the divine intervention. Let’s call it a truce and order some pizza.

Thanks for the blessings. Do you think God takes appointment bookings?

God’s blessings need some refilling. Try requesting it in your next lifetime.

May the God bless us with atleast one common ground.

Oh I can tell you that God has a lot of work cut out for him today.

God has limited blessings. You sure you don’t want to ask it for yourself first?

Thank you! May God bless our future disagreements with a laugh track.

I hope your taste in arguments improve.

Funny Sarcastic Replies To “God Bless You” related to personality

Thanks for the wish but I must tell you that God doesn’t listen to jokers.

You truly are the undisputed king of throwing logic out of the conversation.

Thanks, and may God bless you with a lifetime supply of humility.

Your wisdom appears only through your 32 teeth I suppose.

Yeah. Agree. I also hope he blesses me in staying far away from you.

I also request the Almighty that may our future battles be as epic as this one.

God bless you for being so entertaining, even in an argument!

You may also suggest to God on how to do that.

Thanks, and may God bless us with a comedy show to resolve our disagreements

He already did when he blessed me with a massive member unlike your’s.

Our Conflict resolution skills need some upscaling for sure. Lets request God for that.

Why do you always run to God after losing to me?

I hope the Almighty bless you with the ability to be right as often as I am.

Our only agreement lies in disagreement. May it remains that way.

Thank you. And I pray to God that your Wifi always remain strong.

God might be busy today. Request him another time, if you can.

Thank you so much. I will request God to sprinkle some of the blessings upon you too.

God bless you and may your Coffee be always be hot.

Really? You are more generous than I thought you to be.

The Almighty’s blessings are needed for less priviledged people. Stop requesting it for intelligent, rich and handsome folk like me.

Funny Flirty Replies to “God Bless You”

Why? Are you thinking of cute names for our baby? : Use this reply for your female friend whom you find attractive.

No matter how much you try to woo me, it won’t be enough! :- This is a perfect answer to use on a boy who you find repulsive.

I am on cloud nine seeing you wish for me. I wish the same for you.

You seem to be the only who can even convince God to bless me for good.

These are the only the verbal blessings. I can feel so much of it for me buried deep inside you.

The divine surely blessed me on the day when you walked into my life.” : – Really flirty reply for a girl.

The divine’s blessings are great but your’s are even much better.

If God blesses me every time we talk, we should chat more often.

I normally feel blessed when you are around. What’s next on the list?

Funny Sarcastic reply to Relative when they say “God Bless you”

It already has by giving me a relative like you!” : – This reply couldn’t be more accurate. It is loaded with sarcasm.

I think today you have taken the right medicines that’s why you are praying for my blessings isn’t it!

God’s blessings are sweet, but your compliments are sweeter.

God’s blessings are infinite on this side for eternity. Be concerned about your quota.

Have all your wishes been granted by the divine that you are praying for me?

Has someone put a gun on your head to ask for my blessings and well-being?

Funny Atheist response to “God bless you

It is everyone’s prerogative to be a God believer or an atheist. But when someone wishes you “God Bless you” sarcastically, you can reply them appropriately like the following

  1. Thanks a ton for the wish but I will take blessings from my fellow human beings any day.
  2. Your prayers are enough for someone like me. No requirement of God’s intervention.
  3. Why disturb the divine? Let him be busy in many other things.