There comes a scenario in your life when your friend, relative, loved one or a colleague fails to recognize you when you text them. The heart gets a little ache when that person is someone with whom you have shared some memorable moments. While you could always send the conventional reply of naming yourself, funny responses are better to replies like “Who is this” or “Who are you”!

Afterall, the receiver has forgotten you, and therefore you could sooth your heart by making it hard for them to recognise you! Let them tinker some of their brain while you pull their leg for not recognising you! This post is a sincere attempt to bring unique funny replies in such scenarios.

Hi buddy. I am your digital doppelanger, sent from the future to remind you to wine and dine your best friend!

Unique Funny ways to reply to “Who is this”

  1. Why let the mystery die?
  2. I have been searching for that answer from a long time. Could you help it!
  3. I am the one on whom you have so much crush!
  4. It would do us so much good if you don’t come to know who I am!
  5. This is to let you know that you are in now in good books of the handsome man alive!
  6. This is the heart. Now feed me love and attention!
  7. You failed to recognize me. Now I am not going to talk you anymore. GoodBye!
  8. This is the one holding your real personality!
  9. I am the one who knows you more than you know me!
  10. This is Santa Clause, arrived early to give you two boots to your behind!
  11. Hhmm. You have forgotten me real quickly than expected! Nice of you!
  12. You don’t need to know me, you only have to hear me!

How to Reply to Who is This Text ?

  1. Don’t you think its time to exercise your guessing skills!
  2. If you will give a dollar I will truthfully tell who am I!
  3. I am your reminder who wants to tell you that is own plenty of laughter, jokes and happiness from a long time.
  4. If I say I am Elon Musk, would you believe it!!!
  5. Your number just showed up in the back of my mind and I thought why not give a chance to this wonderful person to be friends with me.
  6. Wishful thinking knocking here!
  7. This is the one who has come to listen to all your deeply desired fantasies.
  8. This is the mystery who you have been trying to solve for so many years.
  9. I have been assigned to snap you out of your wishful thinking and bring back to reality.
  10. I am Donald Trump who is happy to share the news that Elon Musk has finally reinstated my Twitter account.
  11. This is your guardian angel here wanting you to take proactive measures for timely reply.
  12. I am the one who knows things about you that you have never told anyone.
  13. Your phone is the one being targeted today for stealing funny jokes from the WhatsApp. Would you like to be happy about it!
  14. I am the one who laughs at your funny pictures from the past whenever I get bored to death.
  15. This is your past life trying to haunt you. Lol kidding!
  16. This is one of your multiple personalities speaking that you have not roleplayed me for a long time.

Funny reply To is that you

  1. This is your brother from another mother.
  2. This is your long-lost twin from another planet who is wanting to ***k your behind from so many years!
  3. I am the stalker who does the job for your well-being!
  4. This is the one who was living under the rocks but decided to join the world in the 21st century.
  5. Trying to find out who created the mornings!
  6. This is the virtual gun who is about to shoot you lots of blessings and best of luck for the upcoming day.
  7. Trying to be the surprise element so that you remain awake for the rest of the day.
  8. I am planning to write the FDA to ban the Who is This text. Do you agree!
  9. This is your sunshine for vitamin S to start your day.
  10. I am the sensible alarm clock who is here to remind you to behave sensibily again for the rest of the day.
  11. This is the early bird who has caught the worm and I will be sharing my success story with you today!
  12. This is your morning fairy angel who is willing to grant you a wish provided you fulfill one of it.
  13. I am the person who has already had 3 cups of coffee by now and will gulp down 4 more cups in the remaining day.
  14. I am the one who is going to make you day 110 % more interesting.
  15. This is your conscience vomiting the words.
  16. I am your inner god speaking.
  17. i am the special person who knows what exactly you did last summer. I think its time to revise my silence fee.
  18. God contacted me because apparently he received a request from you to save you from trouble.

Sarcastic Funny response to Who is This or Who are You?

  1. I am your worst nightmare. Care to deal with it now!
  2. It won’t help you even if you come to know who exactly I am!
  3. I am your exe’s best friend.
  4. This is the last person who actually cares for you!
  5. I am the better version of you which you will be in your next lifetime.
  6. My alias is Mr. Perfect. Hope now you can recognize me easily!!!
  7. I am the one who you could never be!
  8. This individual is the one who knows all your dirty secrets!
  9. I am the one who knows your actual body count!