No matter what, Belated Birthday Wishes are never pleasing. Depending on the sender, late birthday wishes feel different. If its from an aquaintance, you hardly bother about the late wishing. However, your friend forgetting about your birthday boils your blood and you feel the need to react on the impulse.

However, you can handle the impulse in a better way by replying in a funny and sarcastic tone for the late birthday wishes. This post has your back where you will find appropriate funny replies to the belated wishes from anyone. So sit back, relax and enjoy

Belated Birthday Wish : – Hey a very happy belated birthday to you dear! Sorry I forgot!
Reply : – Yeah….Yeah…Yeah..Yeah…Yeah…Yeah..Yeah

Late Happy Birthday Message : – Happy Belated birthday mate! Too much workload and your birthday skipped my mind. How is everything going ?
Reply : – Thanks buddy! All is fine. I just realized that you could become a great politician.

Message : – A friend in need is a friend indeed! Time to rock buddy! Deeply sorry for the late birthday wishes! How about a party tonight!
Reply : – Thanks for the amazing words. I also have equally amazing leftovers for you from the party.

Belated Happy Birthday : – Good things do come whether on time or late. Happy Belated Birthday!
Reply : – I feel so grateful to be alive that I am reading this belated birthday message from my friend. How are things going on!

Message : – You may be a year old but its time to rock and roll. Happy Belated Birthday Mate!
Reply : – The party is over mate! Come on time next year!

Message : – Its the birthday of my gorgeous cutie girl. Happy Belated Birthday Sweetheart! Sorry for being late!
Reply: – Such a lovely message. Now you need to offer me your bum so that I can give 2 serious kicks on it.

Late Birthday Message : – May all the good things in life come to you, even if they are belated!
Reply : – Ohh You just made my day mate! I would have loved if you had wished me even more late!

Late Birthday Wish: – Some folks are indeed special. You are one of them for sure!
Reply : – Thank you for your wishes. Glad to know that my name is still in your friend’s list.

Funny Sarcastic Replies To Belated Happy Birthday

Please get tested for dementia my dear friend!

You are on my ignore list for one month! Please try later!

You send same messages to everyone! Atleast change the words man!

Glad you forget, otherwise I would had to invite you to the grand party!

Life feels complete now that I have finally received the birthday message from you!

You are the best messenger for late birthday wishes.

Well. You couldn’t find the right words for 2 days to express your gratitude for having me isn’t it!

I guess your cell network went out of service Isn’t it?

Thanks for the formalty. Now order me a nice gift without the Cash on Delivery!

I admire your ability to find a nice belated birthday wish from Google search. What’s the URL by the way?

You keep excellent replies for replying to belated birthday wishes. Have you been practicing it for years?

Is that the best you can come up with?

You alive? I thought you were gone!

Thanks for reminding me that I am one step closer to my graveyard.

Are you sure you are texting the right person?

I admire your ability to find new ways to upset me!

Let your birthday come and then…….

Congratulations on having one less friend now!

Please time travel back and wish me on time! Cheers!

Who is this late comer!!!!

So nice! I will celebrate again today!

Nice words. Do you often do this? It seems you are pro at this thing.

This is a non-bailable crime you have committed.

Oh Wonderful! What a pleasant surprise!

No acceptance of belated words until a belated gift is offered first!

Thanks for the words. I will forward this wish to someone of whom I forgot the birthday too!

My anger for you has gone a touch higher now!

The damage is done now! Enjoy!

Wow! This is how you repay the our friendship!

You are surprisingly early. I was expecting your belated wish after 1 month!

The memory of your DOB has been whitewashed from my system. Tit for Tat!

The mistake can only be quashed upon an impressive gift and 500$ cash gift.

A very Belated thank you to you!

This is why I always tell you to take medicines on time to remember things!

This mistake will never be forgetten!

Thank you for proving that you don’t care about important days!

Hilarious Replies for Belated Birthday Wish from your Friend

You hardly remember your brother’s birthday! What could be expected of you!

Hmm. Pretentious mode on to admire for your Late birthday message.

Fortunately for you my friend, my desire to forgive you is more than the desire of kicking your *** for forgetting my birthday! Thank you for the late wishes!

You had missed the greatest birthday celebration of all time.

Thank you for not coming to the party. Saved me plenty of bucks!

Thanks but no Thanks!

Belated Birthday wish won’t do now. You have to write it on the stamp paper and get it notarized.

For how long you have been passed out buddy?

Well, thank you for the extremely early wishes for my upcoming birthday in 364 days.

Don’t worry. Our friendship is not in danger just because you are wishing me late.

Did someone knocked your head and suddenly you remember that you had forgotten the date?

Oops, I forgot to invite you to the party.

Thank you for the special belated words. Didn’t feel this special even on the actual birthday!

Lol! What happened? You got alone today?

Where were you pounced upon on my birthday?

Our friendship is done now!!! You may reapply after 6 months

Please let me know the things which you can do on time.