Monotonous and predicted replies makes the conversation more repulsive than the daily stresses. It is good idea to always inject some humor in order to enliven the mood. Whether you are texting your friend, colleague or lover, spitting out random funny things occasionally freshens up the vibe. In this article, we have prepared some cool and funny random things that you can speak to your

Do you know what I admire most about you? That someone like me is your friend!

Did you know Refusing to go to the gym is one of the best forms of resistance training.

The biggest irony of life is when things go south, your colleagues run towards North!!!

I was 100% sure that I was indecisive. But now am confused!


Do you know why you should eat brown eggs more? Because they have more vitamin D compared to white eggs as they are tanned.

Time is the best teacher because it makes you forget about your short comings!

What is the one thing that is common in both Records and Bed? They are both meant to be broken!

Random Hilarious Things to say Between Conversation

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
A kick on the arse, keeps the laziness away!

At times, we acknowledge our mistakes and at other times, we pounce on other’s mistakes to hide our’s.

I never diet because the first three letters are always demoralizing.

I always tell people that the size of my ego is equivalent to the size of my fingernail, which is very short!

All your dirty secrets can be spilled out if you do not wine and dine me at the earliest.

Why take milk from cows? Why not fed them tea powder and directly drink tea!

If the mosquitoes bite you, I don’t blame them! You are such a sweet person!

All successful woman had trait in common. They were able to tie down a very successful man to them.

You should always knock before opening a fridge, just in case there’s a salad dressing inside.

I was recently reading a book about anti-gravity. It became hard to put down.

Its true that sometimes we win, and at other times, we get screwed!

To know how much I have drank Alcohol, I call my plain-jane looking made. If she starts to appear like Selena Gomez, I know its time to stop!

I wish there would be an app in coming years that would allow firing from the gun.

I love my partner, and the junior between my legs, even more so much that it salutes her everytime my brain thinks about her!

Over the years, I have become extremely proficient in one activity only and that is scrolling down my social media feed. Man I could do P.hD in that!

What happens to the plastic after you have done the plastic surgery!

There is one thing in life I desperately want to accomplish. The value of that one thing equates to unknown at the moment.

This weekend will be the last day of my current toe nail.

Its not wise to drink and drive. The beer may get spilled!

A wise man had rightly said that motivation is not needed at times but rather two kicks on our behind to get the job done!

Bad times tell us that when the shit goes down, we all are ALONE!

Not everything hard in life is Bad. Like our private parts!

Dreams are the only way when I can screw anyone, be it behind their backs, or from any direction!

Where there is a will, there is always a way!
And where there is a spread p***y, a p***s is on the way!

There is only instance when the anus decides to talk to the brain and says “Why are you farting man!!!!”

A wise man had rightly said that a way to the man’s heart is through his stomach and the way to his control system is through his p****s.

I am thankful to the divine that I have you as a punching bag.

Legends has rightly said not to worry about Plan A as there are 25 (b – Z) other plans available.

I want to go on a shopping spree of happiness but can someone tell where are those shops!!

I am so comfortable talking to you that not only my heart but even legs tend to open up too!

I sure as hell promise that my feets will be on your’s if you dance with me!

Funny Insensible Random things to say that may make sense too!

There lies the best way to get over a man quickly
Friend : -And what is that way?
You : – To get under another one!

You have been a really amazing friend, for the last 30 minutes!

How is it possible to fix anything that is broken? So if our economy is broken, then how is it possible to fix it.

I want to place my foot where it really belongs and i.e. manager’s behind.

I don’t brush my teeth every morning. Instead I let them become stronger against the bacteria.

Do you know what did the one chicken say said to the another? That today I am going to do puk puk puk puk puk puk puk puk puk………..

You are so good looking that I want to change my gender in order to pop babies for you!

9 out of 10 voices inside my head tell me that I am amazing. The 10th one says that I am astonishing. i.e. the synonym of amazing.

You: – I need to purchase destiny
Friend : – What?
You: Yeah, you heard it right!
Friend : – You are purchasing it?
You : – Hell Yeah, I have the budget! Its a desk and its very tiny hence destiny with no “k”.

Someone taught me the a great technique to remember roads and directions of a new place?
Friend : – Oh that’s great! Tell me too!
You : – I forgot that technique! But I remember that it was certainly great!

Someone has rightly said that beauty is definitely noticebale only by the rum holders

They say you lose what you don’t use. Therefore, I was wondering how to utilize my savings!!!!