Messaging is a great way to nurture friendships and relationships. And nothing could be more intruguing than saying Hi or Hello in a funny way. There are various hilarious sentences you could use to start the conversation. But before we give you some funny liners to express your Hello or Hi, you need to keep few things in mind.

Why you shouldn’t do the formal Hello and Hi everytime on Text?

Its really a monotonous way of saying the usual Hi or Hello through texting. You ideally should say something interesting instead that is related with mood, occasion, leg-pulling related to a habit or something humorous. You can also use a meme or a gif. Also the way you say it, depends on the nature of the relationship with the other individdual.

How your funny reply should be?

You clearly don’t want to express overly or too little interest with the message. It needs to be just a little more than generic and the timing of the message is also important. If you have recently spend some moments with the other person, refrain from messaging Hi Hello Texts unless there is something too funny or too cute to say.

Starting the text the right way blended with humor and with right doses of sarcasm, opens up gates for interesting conversation.

Funny Ways to Say Hello on Text

Sup, handsome? Just wanted to say hello and make your day 10% cooler! ❄️😉

Hey Gorgeous! Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Hello, pineapple upside-down cake!

Yoohoo, it’s your friendly text-a-tron!

Hello there, you dashing gentleman!

“Knock, knock. Who’s there? Opportunity, and it’s saying ‘Hello!’ 🚪💼👋”

Tips to formulate Cool Funny messages to greet someone on messaging

You could think of a habit and make a light joke about it
“Good morning, Snooze Button Champion!” |
Hello Professional over-thinker!”
“Greetings, fellow gas passer! Ready to clear the room with some ‘hellos’? 💨👋”

You can come up with a funny Hello message related to looks and appearances
“Today, is the day to maximum water on your bathing. Good Morning!”
“What’s kickin’, Sleepyhead? Time to rise and shine (or at least attempt to)!” ☀️😄”
“Greetings from the Clean Team! Ready to dive into a conversation with a splash of ‘hello’? 🛁👋”

Funny message related to Eating
“Hey there, Snacktivist! Let’s chat and chew our way through a ‘hello’ together. 🍕🗣️”
“What’s cookin’, Text Chef? Time to whip up a delicious ‘hello’ recipe! 🍳👋”
Hello, fellow Flavor Chaser! What’s on the menu for today’s ‘hello’? 🍽️👋”
“Good day, Connoisseur of the Chewniverse! Ready for a tasteful ‘hello’ exchange? 🍽️😄”

What are the best Funny Flirty Ways to say Hello or Hi to a Girl on a message?

“Hey you! Textually attracted to say hello. 😘”

What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Just wanted to interrupt your busy schedule and say Hi because I couldnt resist!

“Hello, text wizard! Casting a ‘Hi’ spell on you! 🧙‍♂️✨

Hey Gorgeous! I hope my message will not halt your beautification process.

I wish God could tell me why its difficult to eject someone like you from my mind all the time.

Greetings to the beauty from God.

“Aloha from the digital tropics! 🌴👋”

Hey there, Textpert! I come in peace.

Do you know what is the hardest thing to switch off in the universe? You running in my mind.

Knock-knock. Who’s there? ‘Text message’ saying ‘Hello!’

Ahoy, matey! What’s crackin’?

Time to embark on another delightful adventure.

Stay away from using these while saying a funny Hi Hello on Text

Being generic may not be good while texting. But what is even worse is forceful funny starters. At times, people unintentionally include sarcasm and rudeness in order to appear funny. Remember that sarcasm often rubs the shoulders in the wrong way. However, if its required to communicate with someone you don’t like, feel free to use sarcasm. And do expect the return too! Also it is important to avoid foreign language phrases unless its too popular or interesting.