Funny messages are always a good way to relieve stress. If you have an exam tomorrow then you can wish a funny good luck message for exam to your friend that will bring in some laughter for sure.

If you are studying while holding off your urine, you are not alone my friend. Good Luck for the exams.

After having fun all the year, it is wonderful what we students can achieve in just one day, which is Nothing :p. But still a very good luck!

Me and parents are both preparing. While I am preparing for the exams, my parents are preparing taunts to throw at me when the results will come.

Do you know what is exam stress? When no amount of ***n can cause erection, thats when you know that the s**t is about to get real.

We folks are so much capable than what we are, atleast in our dreams!

Exams are the day when we look our worst!

It is the day for you to get in relationship with the studies.

I have prepared a good luck message and also a condolescence message in case you fail the exam.

You would be the one sitting behind me, if you do not answer when I call you, expect 2 kicks on your butt after the exam.

If Ms Breganza comes tomorrow as the invigilator, then you are in great luck!

Will Google would be the one who sit behind me during the exam!

Hair messy, skin oily, lips dry, sweat smell. That means you are really studying.

Its amazing how much we sweat when we know its just an exam and not a real threat.

Cramming things always work except when it is really needed. Gonna puke everything tomorrow. Good luck for tomorrow.

I swear to God that I will study daily from now on. But God please get me through this hell first.

Besides studying I am also planning how I will do cheating with my behind partner. I suggest you do that too.

I hope I would be able to fit in a memory card for the exam tomorrow.

Swear to God I could easily ace exam, if only Google sits right beside me tomorrow.

It is amazing how the brain keeps working 24 hours throughout the day except at the time of exams.

If you ace the exam, the party is on you. If I does the same, then I will give party. Either way, we are gonna party whatever the result will be.

I wish the entire city loses electricity tomorrow so that the exam gets postponed.

If I want God to grant a wish, it would be that our invigilators would turn a blind eye if we have to cheat tomorrow. Good luck mate.

Our parents are glad that they didn’t gave these exams.

Our teachers are lucky that they are not giving these exams or else they too would fail.

Exams are the only time when our horny desires get turned off. Not you for sure.

If you show up tomorrow without taking a bath or brushing the teeth, then I want to say that you won’t be alone. Good luck for tomorrow.

Exams are the time when we get to know how sweet hunger and sleep is.

If it ain’t gonna work out in tomorrow’s exam, then there is always the next exam.