Brother in Law is the important person in your life. They may not be like a sibling but the boundary that comes from the relationship makes it perfect for an interesting dynamics. They are the extensions of your immediate family and therefore, will always help you out in needy times. But what good a birthday wish to your brother in law, if it doesn’t have humor and light-heartedness? And this is why we have come up with lots of funny wishes for your brother-in-law. These messages will surely make him chuckle and will make him grateful to have someone like you in their life.

Dear BIL! Whether it is your birthday or of my sister’s, we all know for whom you will be doing the shopping. Happy Birthday!

You don’t need a gym membership to lose weight. You can simply do this by bearing my sister patiently all year around.

A very warm birthday to my brother-in-law who knows when (and not when) to open his mouth in front of my sister.

Happiness is seeing your brother-in-law doing shopping for your sister, which also makes it inevitable for him to do the shopping for you also.

Sometimes, the criticism of the brother in law is much better than the wild kick of father on my behind.

Its the day when you are allowed to party and let loose, as much as you can loosen up.

God created special man for my special sister who could bear her for the long term without getting worn and torn. God bless you my dear!

When God was sober, he created my brother in law and bestowed all the necessary traits upon him.

Sometimes the Almighty in life doesn’t give us what we want, but more than that. Just like he bestowed you a great brother in law like me. Happy birthday!

Thanks to Google and Facebook that I can find some nice texts for brother in laws’ happy birthday. The text ends now.

Seeing my brother in Law, I can only say that marriage is like an exam which never ends. But a happy birthday to you.

The best brother in law is the one who buys gift not only for her darling wife but also for her sister in law. May all your dreams come true.

There is something about you that is appearing different today. Could be your hair or weight but then I realized its your birthday. Congrats for turning an year older.

Its amazing how the divine works. Finding two mischievous, hot headed yet compatible people from different corners of the world. I am certain you are having the time of your life with her.

I never knew that one day my sister will marry a goofball. Shows that anything is possible in this world. Happy Birthday to you BIL

I know you want to dance like your wild teens but we don’t want you to get exhausted and eventually faint. It is better you sit on your couch the whole day while my sister will make you sleep with her nonstop talks.

Sending you a nice birthday gift along with plenty of candles to match your age. Have a nice birthday.

It’s the anticipation of the gift that actually makes us feel good. So dear brother in law, on this birthday, I make a vow to give you a nice gift on your next birthday. May the anticipation keeps you happy till then.

Today is the day when you can gorge on food. Just don’t eat like a pig like my sister. Happy Birthday by the way.