Don’t worry about getting older my dear! You are still younger than your next birthday! Keep smiling!

The greatest pleasure in the world is to gorge on free food and drinks, especially hosted by you! Today is the day! Happy birthday!

Its hard to remember my own birthday, let alone yours. That’s what I use Facebook for, to let it remind me of everyone’s birthday!

Between us, I have always felt that love is in the air, along with your fart too! Happy Birthday darling!

Thank you for being a rare jewel in my life from who I can borrow money but never worry about returning it 😀 Haha Kidding dear!

Its not that you read slowly and comprehend a lot than others, its actually that you are a slow learner!

I don’t know but whenever I get angry, I tend to think of your face. And more often than not, it makes me angrier! 😀 Haha. Kidding sweet heart! A very happy birthday to you!

Many many years ago, it was on this day that you came out of the vagina but you will go inside it tonight if you wine and dine me with every fiber of your being. 😀 Happy Birthday dear!

I have figured out the best way to rejuvenate myself. And It is by looking at your pics of funny faces.

There are very few lucky persons in this world who can pull my legs and still not get a serious whack on their butt. Don’t be happy because you are not one of them 😀

You have set a new level of benchmark this year, of laziness. Congratulations and happy birthday!

A good birthday wish is incomplete without an equally good birthday gift. Sending you one of it, along with the invoice of course. Happy Birthday!

Your friendship is sweeter than the stevia and I revel in it. May it not get sweeter though or else I will snap out!

The divine has made every woman gorgeous as an angel. Why do I realize this after only gulping down two glasses of wine!!!

Gravity and ageing are not difficult to understand if one can see a real live example of it, like you! Don’t worry dear, I am also a perfect example of it!

If being handsome and charming was a crime , then my dear you would be roaming freely in this world. Don’t worry, I would probably be there to give you company too!

Happy Birthday to you! Today is the day when your FB wall will be bombarded with so many wishes and love from who you even don’t know!

I am very happy that all your desires have come true, in your dreams! I am now waiting for them to transform into reality.

Exercising is the hard way of gaining fat in the right places. The best way is to be a couch potato. Makes glutes wider and ti***es bigger. Happy Birthday!

I pray to the good that your hugs become tighter this year and your snore becomes less audible at night! Enjoy the birthday!

Its a blessing to have someone in life who spends so much money like you do on me. God will bless you for taking care of the already taken care.

The best birthday wishes in the world are available on Google. God bless the founders and happy birthday to you!

The Lord is kind enough to make people to more attractive with every passing year. And you are the real life example of it. Keep going like this and happy birthday!

Just like with everything. Wisdom has its polar opposite too. It not only increases but can also spiral down, owing to nice person like you! 😀

How to look charming and gorgeous on one day and a total hideous on other. One can simply learn it by watching you! I can probably teach how to look hideous on every day!

You are not only my dear friend but also my great punching bad. Love you!

It is only because of your relentless criticism and leg pulling over the years that I have able to amass so much success and wealth. Thanks for your contribution. That’s what friends are for Isn’t it!

Its funny how one face can not only make you happy but angry and enliven too at the same time. Congrats for making it happen!

I may be copy pasting this birthday wish to you but I certainly deserve an applause for this sincere effort!

It is a universal truth that in any marriage, it is the wife who is always right for the first 100 years of life.

It is only the first 100 years of life that we men are like dogs.

Honey! Women are always born with inbuilt mechanism to stay young forever, i.e. by lying through the teeth!

Its an unwritten clause in every relationship to not laugh your heart out when the other person looks funny and weird. Thank you for complying with it whole heartedly. You have been excellent!