There is no greater joy than to have beautiful grandchildren. Your Grandson is the replication of your DNA and therefore, it is absolutely natural to have that close bond with him just like you have with your children. If today, is your Grandson Birthday, you need awesome birthday wishes. But being old is no excuse to not show your funny and lively side. And this is why, you really want to tease or pull his legs with funny birthday wishes for Grandson. This post has plenty of them. So let’s get started.

Hey Grandson. May you grow up to be naughty, mischievous but not so much like your Grandfather’s heydays but certainly more than the youthful days of your Daddy. A very happy birthday to you.

I may be old but tonight I will teach my Grandson how to party like men!

For this special occasion, both me and your grandfather have been fasting for 3 days. Hope you will not dissappoint us. Arriving today with special gifts today. Happy Birthday!

Now that you are grown up, you will understand the values of simple gifts in life such as socks, tissue papers, mosquito rackets, pepper sprays and what not. I guess you have figured out what we are going to gift you tonight! Any opinions would be highly appreciated!

You have now entered into my list of birthdays who I always remember. Even my name is not on that list. Consider yourself lucky!


Thanks to me and your grandfather, you will have a really easy time in the dating world dear Grandson!

It’s my sincere desire that you grow up soon and become multi-millionaire and then take us both to Switzerland.

A special birthday wish from the old dinosaur who wishes you 100+ years of life with a teenage like s** drive, plenty of hunger and lots of hair.

As much as your father and mommy deserves applause for bringing you in this world, we, your grandparents too deserve lots of credit. Now don’t ask us how!

You may have grown taller than your Grandpa but your wisdom incremental rate has gone onto your father if you know what I mean.

Short Funny Wishes For Grandson Birthday

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday with my walking stick!


Your Dad has contributed plenty of grey hairs in my life. Now its your turn to make up for his mistake and do some good.

Thank God you have grown up now because we got tired by cleaning your piss and s**t during your toddler days.

May you allow the smartphone to rest and breathe. After all, he deserves that too!

Every Birthday gift needs to be special and this year, we are giving you our most prized thing which is our love, blessings and prayers for a healthy, prosperous life. Cursing us? Oh don’t! You will have a wonderful physical gift for sure!

May you develop a strong disliking for Alcohol, ciggerates and drugs to the extent that your taste buds become incapable of acquiring those taste.

May you become the head-turner in few years so that all the women in the world want to pounce on you!

Happy Birthday to a little brat, from even a bigger brat.

On this auspicious occasion, may you keep an ambulance at side for us in case we pass out while eating and partying on our Grandson’s birthday!

Your dad always loved experimenting. So much that he tried to touch the candles on his birthdays. I hope you don’t do such experiments.

On this birthday, I have a delightful news to share with you that I have now acquired new skill which is laughing, sneezing and farting at the same time. I can bet that you will not be able to beat me in this regard.

We pray to God that may you be the teacher’s favourite and always have a lenient invigilator in all your exams.

Due to rise in inflation, I suggest you to demand more pocket money from your Dad and Mom. We can also give but only on 5 percent interest, a reasonable offer for our Grandson only.

Whenever we feel bored, we take a look at your weird teen age photographs and laugh our heart out. Don’t worry! You can do the same only if you could find those pictures of our’s. Good Luck and Happy Birthday!

Its the day when you can eat like a pig and no one will say anything. Just don’t be like that at other days of the year.

Dear Grandson! When the Almighty was creating you, he stopped all the other work, didn’t talk to his wife for days and what not. The result is staggering ofcourse. Thank you to the divine for such a handsome boy!

Your father is very lucky to have you because every time I look at your face, your daddy doesn’t get an earful from me for doing mistakes.

Hey Grandson! With each passing day, you are becoming more and more like your mother and I am totally worried about that. Kidding!

The birthday may be your’s today but you will give us wonderful gifts for cleaning your mess during your toddler days. Happy Birthday!

There is no one in this world who will give you the right advice for your dating without giving you an earful. So Grandson, make the most of this opportunity.

Today we are selecting a special gift which will be delivered to you exactly on your next birthday. Kidding! A very Happy Birthday!

We are the only folks in the world with whom you can share all your mistakes without getting scolded.

Happy Birthday to one of the awesome boys who is going to be a head-turner in the coming months and years. Lots of love to you my grandson. Love you to the moon and back.

Only a child like you can push me to live more joyously, and productively. May every family gets to have someone like you. A very happy birthday.

May this year brings you plenty of dates that yields desirable results if you know what I mean.