These fourteen years have brought amazing growth to the organization. Folks like you are one of their kind and we are fortunate to have someone like you who has a great work ethic and emotional intelligence. For these 14 years, we wish you a very happy and prosperous work anniversary. But our professional journey is going to go for a long time.

There is a great saying that time flows by when one is having a great time. These fourteen years have been nothing short of surreal for us, courtesy to culture, hard work, and growth which folks like you have immensely contributed to. We wonder where we would have been if you weren’t on board with us. We thank your family who gave you immense support that allowed you to give your very best to us. But we are not letting you go anywhere, any time soon. Happy fourteenth work anniversary to you dear!

Sometimes life blesses us in ways beyond our expectations. Professional endeavors are an important aspect of our life and for it to be joyful and prosperous, it requires equal support from the other party. We are so glad that people like you work for us. It seems only yesterday that you came to our office for the interview. We are beyond happy to go into the next year with you. We wish there be more people like you in this world. Take a bow from us for these valuable 14 years. We couldn’t have asked anything more from you. Happy Work anniversary.

There are times when we do not get what we want, but more than that. This has been the case for us. You are a breathe of fresh air who has devoted fourteen years to our organization. Your exemplary efforts, great attitude and a kind heart goes a long way in setting values that we have always believed in. Needless to say but folks like you are one in a million. We still haven’t completed with you yet but for now we would wish you a very happy work anniversary for the 14 years.