We are so much involved in the complexities that we forget that laughter comes from the simplicity of life. When you have kids, the great content you can feel is when you are able to make them laugh. Four-year-old kids need simple jokes in order to have a great rapport and laughter with their parents. But sometimes, we are not able to come up with the right jokes for them. And this is the reason for writing this post. Plenty of hilarious jokes for the 4-year-old that will make them laugh hard.

Hey handsome! Do you know why God made you my son? Because you have the same naughty habits as your father.

My child. If you ever want something so badly, do a fake cry in front of mommy. She will make you forget about it!

You are awesome and beautiful. Give thanks to mommy and daddy for it.

Do you know how the sun comes out in the sky? No. Because you are always sleeping at that time.

Hey son, Do you know the easiest way to know your mommy is angry? It is when Daddy is totally quiet. And how you do know that Daddy is angry? It is when he is quiet.

Do you know how to irritate your mommy? You simply praise daddy more than mommy in front of her.

Son, you know even fart is of good help? You may ask how? It comes handy when your big brother doesn’t make space for you in bed.

How do you make your mommy happy? Simply tell her that daddy is going to buy Gold very soon.

Do you know where the book is? At the same place where you left it.

Do you know the best way to become a scientist? Just let an apple fall on your head like Newton did.

Whats the best way to fart? Deep laughter that hides the sound of fart.

Why did the cow stop giving milk? Because she had to poop.

What’s the favourite song of dogs? Who let the dogs out.

Why do some dogs love to bark unnecessary? Because that’s their exercise.

Why does the Sun sets after evening? Because he has to sleep at night.

Why does the moon come at night only?

Because it sleeps in the day.

Why does Tiger roar? Because they like to show their few teeths.

How do you keep your teachers happy? By never asking them any question.

Do you know why Santa Clause has long beard? Because its very cold at Christimas time.

How do you know when your friend is an idiot? When he fools you.

What is the best way to revenge the naughty boy at school? You fart and then tell everyone the other kid did.

Why do babies suck their thumb? Because they love to!

Poop Jokes for 4-year-old

Today, the poop is so sad. You know why sonny? Because it is getting dumped.

You are certainly improving day by day on how to poop better.😂

Hey honey! You know right that poop is nature’s call! Do you know what fart then is? A missed call.

I pray that your leg-pullers have no water for them when they have to poop.

Inspiring jokes for them

Happiness is standing up and smiling with all your teeth when Mrs……..(Name of teacher)……….. tries to punish you for no reason.

When the going gets tough for my lovely daughter, the tough girl gets going, to the daddy for help.

When Mommy says No No No for something, you come to Daddy to receive a Yes Yes Yes for it.

Animal jokes for four-year-old

Do you know what the cat said to the dog when it barked upon her? …….. MEOW 😂

What did one dairy cow ask the other? “Have some milk”?

What do you call a dog which has banana in both of his ears? Call him anything because he can’t hear it.

What is the one thing you must ensure when you see a lion? That it does not see you back.